International Shipping from Amazon USA to Saudi Arabia

Amazon International Shipping  USA to Saudi Arabia

International shipping from USA to Saudi Arabia

Amazon to Saudi Arabia is the biggest online store that was ever made, It has million and million of products from thousands of sellers. But if you are living in Saudi Arabia, You wont be able to access most of Amazon items. Its the same case for most USA Online Stores, They do not offer International Shipping from USA to Saudi Arabia.  Amazon have International shipping to Saudi Arabia but only for a few items and even the ones Amazon does ship Internationally are more expensive as compared to if you buy through a Package Forwarding Company. Amazon to Saudi Arabia,  In my previous post i have described about how these companies work, You can review it here but now i want to compare the actual numbers and facts. I want to show you how much actually you will be paying once you are ready to ship your items.


 Best Companies for International Shipping to Saudi Arabia 

There are three companies that in my opinion are the best ones to use, I have written the numbers and you can decide for yourself.

*All these numbers are calculated on according to the price provided by these companies on there websites.


Amazon to Saudi Arabia 

So first i will discuss Pricing for one lb or less weight , Prices below includes everything from Processing, bank fees and Pictures to Repacking to Shipping from USA to Saudi Arabia.


Global Shopaholics


Airbnex  (No Consolidations)  : $10.55

10-14 Days Delivery Time

Airbnex (With Consolidations) : $13.55

10-14 Days Delivery Time


Aramex : $15.99

DHL : $18

Fedex : $17.50

They have USPS and UPS option as well.




**MyUS has a Membership fee as well plus extra payment for Pictures


Budget Carrier : 10.99 (Without Consolidation)

10-14 Days Delivery Time


Budget Carrier : 14.99 (With Consolidations)

10-14 Days Delivery Time


Fedex : $24.99

DHL : $41.50



Aramex : $18

Fedex : $24

Fedex $28


As you have noticed above you don’t see major change in pricing because of Low weight shipments, But once you go to 10 lb plus you will see a major change in pricing.

I am going to compare 25 lb weight shipment going from Amazon USA international Shipping to Saudi Arabia.


25 Shipment going to Saudi Arabia from America 

Global Shopaholics:


Airbnex : $85 and with Consolidation its $99

Aramex : $125

Fedex : $130

DHL : $145



FishisFast :

Aramex : $141

Fedex : $146




Budget Carrier : $95 and with Consolidations its $115

Fedex : $188

DHL : $240


So the main thing while comparing Package forwarding companies is not just 1 kg price, Make sure to try other numbers too. I hope you guys find it useful and share your thoughts or questions.

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