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Buy Pakistani clothes directly from any Pakistani store and Ship internationally to your Country.

According to the Pakistani Government, there are around 8 million Pakistani people living abroad. Vast majority of them residing in the Middle East. While living away from our Country, There is still a Pakistani version of us living inside of us. On every occasion Eid, Ramadan, Weddings or even going to Mosque for Jumah prayer majority of us like to wear our traditional clothing Shalwar kameez, Kurta pajama etc. And for women especially we have to have different suits or at least different kurta or kameez for every occasion . BUT while living away from home we do not have  have this luxury .

I am writing a few options from where you can buy Desi Clothes, Shalwar kameez, Lehnga, Sarri or almost anything made in Pakistan.

  1. Local Mosque, Mostly after Jumah Prayers.
  2. Re Seller on Craigslist
  3. ebay (if eBay ships to your Country )
  4. Local Boutiques (Like in England and in Some other Countries )

These are some of the options how we use to buy Desi Clothes while living in America, England, Canada or any other Country away from Pakistan.

Now let me tell you the CONS of the above given options.

  1. If you are buying from Ebay, Craigslist, Local Mosque first of all if that suit/Shalwar kameez cost 10$ in Pakistan, They are selling for at least $100.
  2. Very few of the suits they have will have the exact fitting you need.
  3. Only handful of variety, You are buying but you are not satisfied.
  4. Local Boutiques : Prices are very high and i do not blame them. They have to pay bills and everything to run the boutique .

Some of us have loving families back in Pakistan, They Shop for us and then Ship to us Internationally. This is a good option but then the High International Shipping Charges, then you have to pay international transaction charges to send money to them. And you are afraid to ask them again and again because they are doing you a favor.

So what other option do we have to Shop from a reliable source in Pakistan, Low international Shipping charges,  Shopping in Lahore, Islamabad or Faisalabad (Manchester of Pakistan, Where most of the Clothes are make ) and last but not the least avoid fraud.

Yes, it is possible now. There is a new and successful Start Up named as

                                      Global Shopaholics

Its a little tricky, This start up was started to facilitate Shopping from different parts of the world mostly focusing on USA market. Its a package forwarding company , You buy items directly or they buy for you and then ship internationally to your doorstep from USA. This is one of the features they have if you are interested in buying something from USA.

But for me i was mostly interested in buying from Pakistan while living abroad (in America), So for that, They have  Shopper option. You can basically hire a Real Person to go Shopping for you in Pakistan, Even get it Custom Tailored and then Ship to you internationally which ever Country you live in. Following are some of the reasons i would recommend them

  1. You are not paying to the Shopper directly, Your money stays with the company until your order is delivered to your House.
  2. Low international Shipping Charges, They Ship via DHL from Pakistan and there Shipping charges are amazing. I compare this with big companies Like Khaddi and Junaid Jamshaid, Khaddi charges 25$ minimum for International Shipping and you get only one kurta for this amount. Global Shopaholics ship 0.5kg for 18$ , And in 0.5 kg you can ship almost three cotton shirts from different retailers like Khaddi, Sana Safinaz or even custom tailored them too.
  3.  Shopping option in different cities of Pakistan, Like Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad.
  4. Multiple Payment options.
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