Shipito vs MyUS

MYUS vs Shipito Package Forwarding Companies in America

If you are looking for a reliable package forwarder, then there is no better place than this article. We have done thorough research on some of the old Package Forwarding companies providing address forwarding in US like MYUS vs Shipito as well as new emerging ones such FISHISFAST & Global Shopaholics who offer different services with their unique approach to solving your problems seamlessly without any hassle whatsoever! You can read more about them here if interested.


Global ShopaholicsGlobal Shopaholics


Global Shopaholics is a new start up package forwarding company with promising features. One of the best one is Price Match, You can price match any forwarding company, this takes out the finding cheapest company out of equation.

Some of the features that distinguish it from the rest are

  1. No Sign up fees
  2. No Monthly fees
  3. Multiple Payment options like Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit/Debit Card, Bank Wire transfer
  4. TransferWise , A payment gateway no package company out there is using right now. It is the best option if you are transferring big amount, Reason is there Best Currency exchange rate and Low international transaction charges.
  5. Tax free ware house 
  6. Free Consolidation
  7. Free Pictures of the Content
  8. 24/7 Chat support
  9. User Control On Customs Declaration Form
  10.  USPS, ARAMEX , DHL and Box Berry ( lowest international shipping rates among all)
  11. 5% for Assisted/personal shopper fee
  12. 180 days free storage

GS Special Features

We all know that if you want something from a store like Best Buy or Sephora, it’s near impossible to get. Luckily there is an option for us Assisted purchase. GS can buy items for you from these stores and get them ship to you internationally.

Next question is when should you use Shopper ?

When the store does not ship to your package forwarding company or if you want an order urgently shipped in a day, then it’s best that we turn towards “Shopper.” This service is available globally and can be hired anywhere there are people who speak English.


Lowest International Shipping rates among all

180 days free Storage ( Max any company offers )

Free pictures, Consolidation, Repacking

Accepts almost all forms of Payment

Tax-Free Warehouse



3-5 Days delay in Tax-Free Warehouse

Relatively New Company

Shipito                                Shipito , Ship it to

Ship it to  is a  popular service that gives you 3 addresses in the US region. Their address-giving rule is tricky their address in Nevada gives you 180 days of free storage and this account is free but you can only get 1 package in this warehouse address which is very limiting, and, there is a $2 fee also to receive it. Anyhow, the other two addresses you are given in this free (with an asterisk) account are in California and Oregon. . They offer 2 free pictures of the outside of the parcel and if you want the content pictures then you have to pay $2.


  1. Tax free address
  2. 24/7 Live Chat
  3. Multiple Shipping Carriers
  4. 2 Free pictures (Just the outside of the box)
  5. Free Sign up ( But needs 5$ deposit, i don’t know why they call it free)
  6. Payments via credit cards, PayPal, bitcoin and wire transfer  Cons
  1. $2 for receiving  per package
  2. Tax free house only if you pay for Virtual Account ( Monthly Fee)
  3. Combine/Consolidate your packages only for Virtual Account
  4. Consolidation fee $3
  5. Content Photo fee $2-$5
  6. Special Request fee $5
  7. Aramex is only available for selected Countries



MyUS is a company that has been around since the early days of parcel shipping. They give you an address in Florida, which means there will be some taxes when sending their packages to this location but it should only cater for your needs because Myus offers quick and reliable customer service with snazzy packaging to boot! What matters most though? Well international rates can get high if not cared enough about so make sure not forget these details before ordering anything online today

The website MemberShip charges an annual fee of $20 for the basic package, which gives you access to five days worth stored content. If this isn’t enough space but still want more than just default offered by their “standard” account type then there are other options including paying extra with each plan–a one-time setup cost being 10 bucks while monthly fees range from 7 cents per day (for cheapest option) all way up



Oldest of all companies


High International Shipping rates

MemberShip Fees

No 24/7 Live Chat

Max 30 Days free Storage

Do not Accept Bitcoin



There was a time when Viabox started and earn a good name of being the cheapest company, But with the passage of time and New Emerging companies Viabox has lost his potential.

They offer a tax free warehouse, So no Tax like MYUS, Free Memebrship (So no attacments)



No Member Ship fee

No Monthly Fee

Tax Free Warehouse

180 Free Storage



Assisted Purchase 10%

International Shipping rates are expensive as compare to Global Shopaholics

Many Bad Reviews have written and Few Law suits have also written on some website ( not confirm about that)


Conclusion : I believe Global Shopaholics is one of the best option, Cheap international shipping rates give them a better advantage.


                                Cheapest Shipping from US



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  • I am using myus for a long time, Never had a problem with them. But Now when i started looking at different options i realize i should have changed myus along time ago. As compared to the rest of the companies they are expensive. Thank you for all the information. Hats off

    • Myus is a old company so thats why people trust them more, But there shipping rates are the most expensive in this market.

    • Some of them use Bitcoin like Global Shopaholics and Ship it to, DigiCube is relatively new so they might use it in the future.

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    Do you allow guest posts? I can write hi quality and unique content for you.
    Let me know if you are interested.

  • Thank you for any other informative website. Where else may just I am getting that type of information written in such a perfect means? I have a challenge that I am simply now working on, and I’ve been on the glance out for such information.

  • Hello Guys, i have been using shippito for a few months now as my reshipper but within USA and their shipping fees are very high is there any other company that i can use personal labels with or the shipping fees are slightly lower? Thnx so much.

    • Thanks for asking.

      I would recommend you to try Global Shopaholics, They are really good in dealing with customers and their packages with lowest shipping rates and no extra membership fee or anything else.

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