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The world is filled with many great opportunities for deals for buying products. Do you know
where to find those opportunities? Actually but the fact is that US residents and their US Billing
Address are able to take advantage of far more of them than the rest of the world. So you can buy
and avail deals from

Shopping on from Saudi Arabia

It’s not a secret that is one of the Saudi Arabia’s favorite overseas virtual retail
destinations. Amazon is the best place you can buy almost anything at – books,
clothing, DVDs, headphones, Jewelry, the Kindle, kitchenware and toys, and have it shipped to
Saudi Arabia by way of your own Global shopaholics address.
You’re most likely looking to shop from for the items that are not available locally
in Saudi Arabia or either they are available with high prices. Shipping from USA can be
expensive, especially if you don’t know what the import tax & duties will be; and
might just deliver to Saudi Arabia.
So, Global Shopaholics package forwarding company allows you to shop in peace.
Get your USA shipping Address today & ship to Saudi Arabia for less. Whenever you run up
against and other merchants that won’t ship the items you want to Saudi Arabia,
simply use your Virtual USA Shipping Address to order and then have the items forwarded to
you address in Saudi Arabia from there.
 This USA address will be used in the intermediary shipping from to your suit
ID in the Global Shopaholics warehouse. And from this address, Global Shopaholics will
ship it to Saudi Arabia. Global Shopaholics is a great Freight Forwarder service not only
because it allows you to save on shipping cost with its consolidation and repacking services.
 When ordering on, use your USA address as the Shipping Address. For your
Billing Address, use the address of your credit card, which is most likely an address in Saudi
 When the seller on send your order to your USA address, Global Shopaholics
will notify you when it receives and uploaded to your suite ID. Once your purchase has

arrived at your US address, sign in to your Global Shopaholics account and you’ll see
package in your storage and submit consolidation and ship request.

Paying on from Saudi Arabia accepts many payment methods but your card may be refused because of its billing
address being outside of the USA or our card is not enable to buy in the USA. If you will face
this issue for paying on to ship to Saudi Arabia, you can then use our Assisted
Purchase facility which means we will purchase and make payment on your behalf with a local
USA payment method. And you will pay to Global Shopaholics with your card.
You can also read about Global shopaholics FAQ on the page.

Cheap rates to shop and ship to Saudi Arabia

Usually overseas rates are based on the higher weight it may be final weight or dimensional
shipper charge on higher weight. is known for using big boxes for small items and
for shipping multiple items in several boxes. But with Global Shopaholics there are few ways
you can save big time on international shipping rates to Saudi Arabia
 You can consolidate your package and ship them all at once. This way, you only pay $1
per package if you have more than 5 packages in one shipment.
 You can store your package at the USA warehouse for 180 days free of cost to maximize
your consolidation advantage.
 You can enjoy free pictures of the items at the time of consolidation so you can fill
custom declaration form accordingly.

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