5 Essential Shirts Every Man Has To Have

5 Essential Shirts Every Man Has To Have


Most men are born minimalists and own few clothes in general. Men own few basics and pull them off for different occasions. If you’re building your closet these are the 5 essential shirts that every man has to have in his collection. Since most famous brands are based in the US, you can shop and ship from any brand with the best shipping companies in USA.

White Dress Shirt


This is the kind of shirt that you invest in and you get a lot of compliments because you can style it in so many different ways. You can style it with a leather jacket with a skinny black tie under the jacket. It’s a really cool look, you can wear on a date or maybe to impress everyone on a night out. You can wear it on its own with chinos and nice sunglasses. And of course, you can wear it under a nice jacket or suit. See how versatile this shirt is. If you’re on a budget you can get one decent Oxford slim fit white shirt and wear it so many different ways that people wouldn’t even know you’re wearing the same shirt and you can wear it over and over again. Try to get something without a chest logo or any other trendy details because that makes it hard to match with everything else. You can choose any brand from the USA and the many package forwarding companies like Global Shopaholics, myus.com will ship boxes from USA for you.

A Nice Muscle Tee


Get something that fits you well. Don’t get anything that’s going to cut your circulation off your arm because it doesn’t look good and it’s not comfortable. If you have to choose between buying some affordable t-shirts or a single expensive trendy t-shirt, go for affordable shirts. You can get affordable and really good quality shirts from TopmanZaraJ.Crew, and other brands. You can shop and ship from these brands with Global Shopaholics, one of the best shipping companies in USA. The key is to find that fits nothing too loose or too baggy. You want to get as close as possible to a tailored fit with this t-shirt. You should have a nice fitting t-shirt in your closet. You can wear them on their own with jeans for a nice casual look or under a jacket for a dressed-up look. You can run to the gym, to the bar, to run errands, to school, it can be worn anywhere. If are looking for a business opportunity and buy in bulk, you can register as a corporate member for the perks of cheap shipping from USA.

Henley Shirts


If you’re trying to spice things up a little bit then get a Henley. When you feel lazy to dress up but don’t want to be too casual, so you pick something in between and that’s when a Henley comes in to play. Throw on a Henley, some accessories, jeans, and you’re ready to go. You will get so many compliments on them because not every guy wears them so when you do, you stand out. Shop and ship from multiple brands from the US with package forwarding companies based in the USA. Some of these companies are Global Shopaholics, Planet Express, and shipito.com. These are the best shipping companies in the US that you can rely on for shipping your packages from the USA to your country. You can check their shipping rates here to know in advance how much you will have to pay.

Polo Shirt


Now if you’re trying to take it up a notch and the t-shirt might be too casual, the Henley might be a little too casual, then there’s a perfect shirt for you. Get a nice fitting polo, a lot of guys overlook the polo shirts because if you get the wrong one, they can look old school or like a grandpa shirt. You need to find something that fits you well but it’s also made of nice elevated material. This doesn’t mean that you should spend a lot of money on this. There are very cool polo shirts at H&M. Shop and ship from H&M with the package forwarding services of Global Shopaholics. H&M is affordable and has the trendiest clothes, you might want to ship boxes from USA packed with different wardrobe staples from H&M. They also have long-sleeved polo shirts that can look very chic as well. You will get a lot of compliments if you pull off the polo shirt well. Start taking advantage of the polo shirts and see if you get compliments or not, I think you will. 

A Casual button-up shirt 


The best casual button-up shirts you can get are the ones that you can wear both tucked and untucked. And to make sure that you’re buying the right one when you try the shirt on making sure it doesn’t go halfway down your thigh because that is too long they’re just not meant to be. Those long shirts make you look short and stumpy, it’s kind of an awkward look so get something a little bit shorter. Also, make sure they fit you properly on the shoulders and that you can move around. That way you look good and you’re comfortable. What I love about these shirts is that you can literally just tuck them in, throw a nice blazer and you’re going to look sharp. But if you untuck them, roll up your sleeves, then you’re ready for a night out with your buddies it’s perfect for you guys.

These were the 5 essential shirts every man has to have in his closet. If you have these, you won’t have to worry about not having enough shirts for different occasions. There are hundreds of brands in the US for men’s shirts. People all over the world love shirts from Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren, and other brands. You can ship boxes from USA, filled with your favorite shirts within a week with the help of package forwarding companies. We have already mentioned our favorites and the best shipping companies in USA and which are Global Shopaholics, Planet Express, and myus.com. 

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