5 Reasons Why Indians Shop Online From USA

5 Reasons Why Indians Shop Online From USA

After the pandemic, Most people around the globe converted from regular shopping to online shopping from international stores. This is also true in India, and most of them shop online from USA. According to the Statista Research Department, the number of online shoppers in India was estimated to go up from 75 million in 2017 to over 220 million in 2025.

A lot of these people are shopping from stores in the United States. This blog will discuss some of the top reasons Indian people love to shop from US stores and the different stores in the world.


Here are the top reasons, because Indians love to shop from the international stores.

1: A Wide Range of Selection

One of the fundamental reasons to shop online from the USA is the large variety at USA online stores. The USA has the most famous international stores globally like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target. These stores have the widest variety in the world.

So on several occasions such as on Black Friday, Semi-Annual Sale, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, 4th July & more, these stores offer a vast number of deals and promotions. This is because many Indian people buy from these stores and save lots more cash from their pockets.

2: Best Price

Many people believe that shopping in the USA is much more expensive than in India. But the prices of some products in the US stores is lower than anywhere in the world. Because US stores have a large number of a variety and their cost is very reasonable. Buy just shipment is costly, but we have the best solution for this read more to know about this,

However, there are several things that we tend to get cheaper within the United States than in India. Like the US stores has a large number of daily use products. And branded items that are not available from outside of the USA.

3: New Experiences

In India, many people love changing their electronic gadgets, such as Apple products, as shortly as a brand new one is launched. If you belong to that group and constantly need to shop for your desired product without waiting for anyone, you can buy from their flagship stores directly.

Not just this, US stores have a large number of vendors. They sell their new and latest products on it, which is difficult to buy from anywhere else. So Indians have a big chance to experience new products and services from international stores.

4: Retail Therapy

Visiting international stores and seeking new products like clothes, accessories or something else, tends to make you feel happier. People love new products, the latest technology, and different supplements that can change people’s moods.

5: Easy Shipping

Most of the people in India believe that shipping products from USA to India is costly. So many people avoid shopping from US online stores; they want to buy new and branded products, but they avoid shopping because of expensive shipments.

But nowadays, the shipment from USA to India is easier and cheaper if you’re using a package forwarding company. You don’t have to buy bulk quantity products. You can order a single product or multiple products by using a parcel forwarding company. They will deliver your products to your doorstep.


This blog gives an overview of why Indian shoppers choose to shop from the US online stores and ship them to India. We have discussed the top 5 reasons why Indians shop online from the USA: A wide range of selection, best price, new experience, retail therapy, and easy shipping. We have discussed the reasons in detail.

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