Apple & Samsung | Black Friday | Online Shopping & Shipping

Apple & Samsung | Black Friday | Online Shopping & Shipping


Are you a tech enthusiast who would love to get their hands on the latest gadgets in the market? But can only afford to admire the flawless work of technology from afar because of the hefty price tags on them? This Black Friday, transfer all the latest gadgets from your wish list to your shopping cart during your amazing online shopping and shipping experience. We are here to update you on some of the hottest deals on Apple and Samsung products in the market. Two of the most well-known electronics’ brands offering their top-selling creations on whopping discounts. What else could a shopaholic dream of? Watch all your shopping fantasies coming to life a little more as you go down our exclusively formulated list.

Here are the top 3 gadgets from Apple and Samsung on whopping discounts this Black Friday:


  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

Do not faint! You need to stay in your senses to avail this phenomenal opportunity! Because it is real and you read it right. This year’s Black Friday sales also apply to the latest masterpieces by Apple. You can save $100 on these three works of wonder with the Black Friday deals available at Walmart. An exclusive offer to get qualified activation on AT&T and Verizon. But we will not say that it cannot get better than this- yet. Because it can, with Global Shopaholics’ online shopping and shipping services!

  • iPad Pro

Another spectacular offer that lets you enjoy the most advanced experience that Apple has ever introduced so far. A sleek and smooth venture with Apple’s latest work of art, iPad Pro. Immerse yourself in the best possible work experience, movie night, reading episode and much more, all while you save $200! You can avail this amazing opportunity at Amazon and seal the deal with Global Shopaholics to get your precious gadget delivered to you safely.


  • Apple Watch Series 4

Get the chance to engross in the smartest experience possible with a watch. Use that fancy tool on your wrist for more than just checking time. Enjoy music on the run, answer calls and messages conveniently, and even take an ECG on the go! All this with a stylish appearance that will effortlessly improve your whole look. Enjoy all this as you save $350 on Amazon this Black Friday. Get your gadget swiftly with Global Shopaholics’ online shopping and shipping facility!


  • Galaxy A80

A brilliant display that makes everything look more real and vivid. A high-grade camera that captures your most memorable moments beautifully. Amazingly fast charging that saves you time and lasts you through the day. Samsung is offering all these amazing features in one phone- their Galaxy A80, with $64 off this Black Friday. Grab this extraordinary chance and have it delivered to your doorstep with Global Shopaholics!

  • Tab S6

Engage in a creative experience with the S pen that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S6 tab. Enjoy fast processing power. Get maximum control with the split view option. This Black Friday, get all this while saving $64! Rush to Samsung’s official website now to avail this amazing sale. Get it delivered to your doorstep at equally reasonable rates with Global Shopaholics. Online shopping and shipping made smoother than ever!

  • Galaxy Watch

With this new tech work, track your health and fitness progress- two of the most important matters. Also, style it however you please with removable straps. With a long-lasting battery life, you can forget about charging troubles for days on stretch. Enjoy all these incredible features while saving $129 on Samsung’s official website. Global Shopaholics is at your service to deliver your new gadget to your doorstep securely and timely.

With this selective list at your disposal, you are sure to make the best of this Black Friday’s sales on high-end gadgets. So, shop your heart out this Black Friday and leave your shopping worries to Global Shopaholics. Happy online shopping and shipping!

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