Awesome American Stores You May Not Have Heard Of

Awesome American Stores You May Not Have Heard Of

While there are many American stores known around the world, like Amazon, Target, Apple or eBay, there are a lot of stores that are not quite as popular internationally but still provide great value.

These stores provide unique and high quality products and some of them are actually well known in the USA if not so much abroad. And today, we’re listing some of the most interesting online stores in the United States that you may not have heard about.

Read on to find out how you can ship products from these stores internationally without any hassle.


Are you interested in computers, video games and technology? Newegg is the largest American hardware store and one of the largest in the world. The quality of products is great, and they have all the latest products. achieved the most e-commerce net sales in the “electronics and multimedia” category. 


Staples is an American online store that specializes in selling office supplies. If you’re looking for good quality stationery or other work or school supplies, then Staples will be a great choice. They offer a wide range of products at preferential prices, and they mainly focus on providing services to repeat customers who place recurring orders.

Dollar Tree 

The Dollar Tree may be one of the best places to visit. You can find items like wedding and party decorations, toys and games, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, craft supplies, and more. 

The most significant advantage of shopping at Dollar Tree is that most items are for $1, so you can shop to your heart’s content.


If you want to shop for clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children, Zappos is one of the best choices. This brand is one of the world’s largest online stores for these products. In addition, shopping online from Zappos is a breeze, thanks to product previews that make it easier to choose good quality products.

This online store is also known for its outstanding customer service, and you will hear many stories of Zappos employees going beyond everything to ensure a good shopping experience.


Although it started as a welding equipment manufacturer, Miller can now better identify as a brand. In addition, Miller has an online shopping site to buy clothing, bar accessories, exclusive beer mugs, coasters and more. 

You can get official products of the Miller and Miller Lite brands on the website.

How To Get American Products To Your Country

As mentioned above, consumers not just from the US but also from other countries like to shop from American stores, but they face many difficulties, for example:

  • Most US stores do not ship directly to other countries
  • They need a US address to shop for products
  • They face international payment problems
  • Costly shipments

A good solution to these problems is to use a package forwarding company. They can ship your products to your country, and they provide you with a free US address to which you can get products delivered, and from there they will ship to your country.

I would recommend package forwarding companies such as Global Shopaholics, MyUS and Planet Express.


There are some amazing American stores out there that you can shop from internationally which you may not even have heard of. This article lists some American stores such as Newegg, Staples, Dollar Tree, Zappos and Miller. You can ship from stores like these to your country without facing any hassle with a package forwarding company such as Global Shopaholics, MyUS, Stackry.

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