How To Buy From The USA And Get Shipped To Turkey

How To Buy From The USA And Get Shipped To Turkey

No doubt, the United States has some of the best online retailer shops in the world. However, most Turkey people want to buy from the USA for daily needs products or special occasions like the coming event of Eid ul Adha. Many flagship stores in the United States are a popular choice for online shoppers in Turkey, but they face many problems while shipping them to their country because most US online stores cannot deliver directly to another country. Moreover, in case any store provides shipping, then their shipment charges are costly. 

This blog will discuss how Turkish people can shop from US online stores and ship to turkey. In addition, we will discuss the cheapest international shipping from the USA. And we will also discuss the favorite US online stores which Turkish people love to buy.

We listed some top US online stores for the Turkish people to make shopping easy. And we will guide you through the easiest process through which you can ship from the USA to Turkey.

Favorite US Online Stores

What US products do you like to buy? Electronics, power tools, clothing, health and beauty products, or home goods? We listed out the top US online stores to make it easy for you to purchase the products. And read more to know about how you can ship from the USA to Turkey.


Amazon is the best online retailer in the USA. Most Turkish people love to shop from Amazon. Here are the top products which are the most famous for the Turkish people. ( CDs, DVDs, vitamins, games, toys, health and personal use products, kitchenware, home generators). These products are the top favorite for the Turkish people.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is American based fashion company. They are known for their clothing. They produce clothes ranging from the mid-range to the luxury segments. And design their clothes for men and women. Turkish people love to shop for their clothes. Read more to know how you can ship them quickly. is an American online shoe and clothing retailer based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. They are well known for their discounted shoes, sandals, boots, handbags, heels, clothes, and accessories. Turkish people shop from them.


Turkish people are clothing lovers. Therefore, they usually buy clothes from online stores. GAP is a famous American-based company that is a specialist in clothing and accessories. Their most renowned category is trendy pants, shirts, dresses for all ages. Most Turkish people love to shop with them and deliver to Turkey.


Sierra is an online retail shop based in America. They deal with outdoor goods, camping, and hiking gear and clothes. Most of the Turk people love to buy . 

How To Ship

We have discussed the top US online stores for Turkish people. Online shopping is easy for them, but the problem is in the shipping! But don’t worry. We know the cheapest way to buy from the USA and ship to Turkey quickly. In which you can easily import your products to your doorstep.

The best way is to use a package forwarding company for it. They can ship your products to your doorstep. Not just they deliver, they provide different types of services which will help you on shipment and help you to reduce shipment cost.

They will provide you a free US address. You will visit your favorite online store based in the USA. And then purchase your products. And deliver them to the given US shipping address. You can store your product in their warehouse or ship them immediately to your country. If you want to keep your products, you can use a package consolidation service to combine your multiple products into one package. So it is most effective for reducing the shipment cost.

Every company has a shipping calculator from which you can calculate your shipping cost or choose your suitable shipment method.


In this blog, we have discussed the Top listed US online store, which is most famous for online shopping and is loved by the Turkish people. And we have solved the issue of shipping by using a package forwarding company for it. They will deliver your product to your doorstep. And they also provide different services that will help you reduce shipping costs, such as package consolidation service, other shipping methods, and storage options.

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