Advantage of consolidating packages for International Shipping

Consolidation of Packages

Consolidation is the process of combining multiple orders onto one tracking number so all your packages will be delivered together either in their original packages  or you can choose from different items from different packages and ship them in one box. Let’s say you buy the latest smartphone and a pair of T-shirts from Lacoste. Package forwarding companies will put the boxes together to be treated as a single shipment, so you will receive 2 packages in one box.

Advantage of Consolidation of Packages

Due to the handling cost associated with international shipping (which includes courier pickup, customs clearance, and courier delivery), the first half kilo / First pound is usually the most costly for the International shipments.

When packages are shipped separately, each package will bear the burden of a minimum charge for the first half kilo.

In the example below, 5 packages are shipped separately to the same address. Each one weighs 1 kg.

  •  Package 1 = $18.25 1kg
  •  Package 2 = $18.25 1kg
  •  Package 3 = $18.25 1kg
  •  Package 4 = $18.25 1kg
  •  Package 5 = $18.25 1kg

Total Cost $91.25 5kgs

As an alternative, when shipments are consolidated, multiple packages are shipped together on the same airway bill to the same address.

The shipment minimum (which is the 1st half kilo) is satisfied with the first package, eliminating the minimum charge for each.

When the same 5 packages are shipped through consolidation, you will save a significant amount in the shipping cost…

  •  Package 1 = $18.25 1kg
  •  Package 2 = $4.35 1kg
  •  Package 3 = $4.35 1kg
  •  Package 4 = $4.35 1kg
  •  Package 5 = $4.35 1kg

Total Cost $35.65 5kgs

Shipped Separately $91.25

Consolidated $35.65

Savings $55.60

consolidation of Packages
Save on international shipping with consolidation of packages

Best Package Forwarding Companies for Consolidation



They do offer consolidation but only packages combination not items, Which is a disaster due to dimensional weight. If packages are shipped together without repacking them in to one box the main purpose of consolidation is not fulfilled because of increase dimensional weight.



Ship it to does offer package consolidation in to a new box but you have to buy a  Paid Virtual Mailbox  membership which is per month.

There prices are as follow for Virtual Mailbox members:

Consolidation : $3/package

Fee per package received : $2/package

Single content photo fee : $2


Global Shopaholics 

Global Shopaholics is a relatively new Package forwarding company, they provide  free US address in two different states in US. They do offer free consolidation and free photo of all the items. There prices are as follow

$1/package received 

And you can select repacking, They will put all of your items in one box (Which is way better then combining boxes to save maximum on dimensional weight )


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