What’s more important: Free Shipping or Fast Shipping?

What’s more important: Free Shipping or Fast Shipping?


We’ve asked all the right questions about shipping

E-commerce is chaos but it’s a beautiful mess for all those who like to sit at home; that’s virtually everyone in the world. We’ve had a lot of debate on what we need to shop, what we need to ship, where we need to shop it from, where we need to ship it to, how to ship something to somewhere you previously couldn’t ship stuff to, how to ship from USA  to KSA, how to ship from USA to UAE, how to avoid expensive shipping procedures, how to identify the best shipping services; we’ve asked and answered everything and anything under the sun. Now, there’s a fresh question in place: what’s more important; Free shipping or Fast shipping?

In an alternate universe where things were calmer, it would’ve been easy to make these decisions. How do you decide speed of delivery vs zero cost? There’s an answer to that and you’re probably not going to agree with it; Free Shipping or Fast Shipping

The verdict and why:

The verdict is that nothing beats fast shipping in today’s world. If you save a few bucks and compromise on the time of delivery, that ruins multiple things: One, it does not ensure the safety of your product. Your product can be tossed around, abandoned, left to rot, misplaced and/or mishandled. The second problem that could arise is that it doesn’t reach you in time; you need to have a gift delivered to your doorstep for a loved one for Christmas. You opt for free shipping and it reaches you on boxing-day; the purpose is defeated. Another situation is that you need party decor for a party and the items reach after your D-Day: that again is of no use to you. What do you use it for, then? If you need something for a birthday and the birthday passes, you need a wedding gift and the couple has gone off on their honeymoon by the time your parcel is dropped at your doormat, you want accessories for an occasion and the day passes by; Free Shipping or Fast Shipping

Saving a FEW bucks ruins things:

All these situations make you rue the day you decided to save a few bucks and ruin your life in exchange. There is another situation that you wish to avoid: a dress arriving after it is out of fashion. This is a legitimate concern in today’s fast changing trends. Trends change by the day and you can never have a dress fast enough. Someone has posted themselves wearing a dress on Instagram and its out in the market in a couple of hours. Do you save a few dollars and wait for the dress after that dress has gone off-trend or do you want to wear it right there and then? Your choice entirely; Free Shipping or Fast Shipping

What’s more important: Free Shipping or Fast Shipping?
What’s more important: Free Shipping or Fast Shipping?

We’ll ship it for you:

In a world where free shipping from the USA translates to inconvenience and chaos, there’s order at Global Shopaholics. We ship from the USA  to Qatar and other hot favorite destinations on the bare minimum while keeping top dollar quality our core mission. Your product will get to you, intact, in all of its glory and prime, to your doorstep, with you being kept in the loop of its exact whereabouts. You can choose to save a few dollars on shipping and compromise on your product, or you can have your Christmas holiday the way it was meant to be and get a win-win for everyone. Shop and Ship global shopaholics, log on today!

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