How To Ship Internationally From Sears

How To Ship Internationally From Sears

Sears is an American department store chain. If you are looking for some fantastic smart appliances and products for your home, Sears is one of the best options. 

We’ve curated some amazing products that are bound to meet all your home needs. Sears is a large store that sells all products and appliances. Many Sears products are often also heavily discounted. So if you want to renovate your home with some shiny new smart devices, you should take a look at the store.

This blog is for American residents and international customers alike, who want to shop from the store but can’t shop for various reasons. But don’t worry, read more to know how you can shop and ship from Sears to your country.

Products To Buy From Sears

Sears sells various products. The list includes:

  • Tools
  • Mattresses 
  • Clothing
  • Lawn & garden equipment
  • Jewelry 
  • Fitness Products
  • Electronics and other outdoor products

You will be glad to know that this is also where you can find the latest and most fun toys for your kids, like:

  • Lego 
  • Barbie dolls
  • Building blocks

This store is also great if you’re in the market for educational and learning toys.

How You Can Ship From Sears

Now that we’ve covered the various products which you can buy from the store, the only problem is for international customers who may want to shop, but face many issues such as:

  • US address is compulsory for shipment
  • International shipping rates are too high
  • Not all stores ship to other countries
  • Global credit card problem

For this problem, all you have to do is to use a package forwarding company. These companies can solve all your shipment problems because of their services.

To help you shop from the USA, they provide you with a free US address to ship your products to the warehouse. 

Therefore, you can store items in a warehouse or ship them quickly. In addition, they provide different types of services such as package consolidation service, other shipment methods or best customer care service to save your shipping cost.

Top package delivery companies include Global Shopaholics, MyUS and Planet Express.


Sears is known for its wide variety of products in categories ranging from clothing to tools to electronics.

But for international customers, it’s difficult to shop from Sears and ship to their country for many reasons, such as the international shipment problem, US address issues and many more.

You can get around this issue by using a package forwarding company. Their services can satisfy all of your international shipping problems.

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