How to Shop from USA and Ship to Jordan

How to Shop from USA and Ship to Jordan


Shop from USA and Ship to Jordan

Calling all our shopaholics from Jordan- the country of ancient monuments and nature reserves! We know how much you must love the idea of shopping from America’s finest brands that have the highest quality of products to offer at reasonable prices. But we also know that every time you try to actually follow this idea, you are discouraged by the inconveniences along the way that make shop from USA ans ship to Jordan almost impossible. Worry not! You are at just the right place to have all these problems solved forever because Global Shopaholics is offering up to 180 days of safe storage at its US-based warehouse, along with USA package forwarding services to your country!

Shop from USA and Ship to Jordan

Shop from USA, Ship to Jordan
Shop from USA, Ship to Jordan

Here is how you can utilize our warehouse facility while shopping from the USA and shipping to Jordan:

Step 1: Shipping Address

Many online US stores offer delivery services only within the States or to very few countries. But this does not put these stores off limits while shopping from the USA and shipping to Jordan, because you can use the tax free US address of our warehouse for your products to be delivered to from these stores. We receive your products at our warehouse and then forward them to your doorstep in Jordan. So, address restrictions are not a problem anymore with Global Shopaholics’ USA address & package forwarding services!

Step 2: Storage

Shopaholics tend to buy from multiple stores when shopping online from the USA. This can cost them a lot for shipping, since they have to pay shipping charges separately for each delivery from different stores. With Global Shopaholics, you can enjoy up to 180 days of free and safe storage for your products at our USA forwarding address This means that you can get your products from any particular online US store delivered to our warehouse, where they can be securely stored while you can carry on with your shopping spree from other stores. Once you are done, you can get your entire shopping haul from different stores forwarded to your doorstep in Jordan together, so that you have to pay for shipping only one time!

Step 3: Consolidation

Some courier services charge shipping fee based on the number of packages in your consignment. If you are getting multiple small parcels shipped, it may cost you more than if you are getting a single big parcel shipped. At our warehouse, we offer to consolidate all your products into one large box, without compromising on the safety of your goods. So, you can utilize the consolidation facility being offered at our warehouse to save on shipping charges!

Step 4: Repackaging

More often than not, US online stores tend to package their products in big, fancy boxes. Most courier companies charge shipping fee based on the weight and dimensions of your packages. So, the original bulky packaging of your products may cost you unnecessarily high shipping fee, which would easily be avoided. We offer to repackage your products from big boxes into more compact parcels, securely. You can thereby reduce your shipping charges by opting for the repackaging services that we offer at our warehouse.

With so many ways that you can benefit from our warehouse facility, what are you waiting for? Join our global family of shopaholics from all over the world and enjoy fast, safe, and affordable worldwide parcel forwarding services from the USA to Jordan! Our warehouse can be utilized in multiple ways for your convenience during your online buying experience. So, fill up your shopping carts and enjoy! Happy shopping and shipping!

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