Prohibited Items When Shipping To Kuwait

Prohibited Items When Shipping To Kuwait

Prohibited Items When Shipping To Kuwait

Before you ship anything to Kuwait, it is essential to ask what items are prohibited for shipping to Kuwait. Every country has its policy for the import of goods. Suppose you want to know the banned and restricted products by the Kuwaiti government. In that case, you can ask your shipping company to guide you about it. They can let you know precisely about it.

Kuwait, like every other country, has a list of prohibited items. This ultimate guide will provide you a complete guide.

Prohibited items when shipping to Kuwait

Kuwait’s government banned some items for use, and some are prohibited for importing. In addition, for the restricted items, you need to have documents to import products to Kuwait. The records include:

  • A certificate of origin.
  • An invoice of the product.
  • A packing list.
  • A bill of lading.

All shipping documents should be in the English language only. However, you can ship approved large and heavy items internationally without any problem.

Here is the list of the restricted items that can help you with the best shipping experience.

Guns, Knives, Deadly Weapons, Explosives, And Ammunition

It is forbidden to ship any deadly weapon to Kuwait. This rule is for every country in the world, not just for Kuwait.

Pork Meat, Meat Products, And Alcoholic Products

Muslim countries cannot allow pork meat and products related to pork because they consider it haram to use pork meat and related items. In addition, you cannot ship alcohol or alcoholic drinks. 

Kuwait is also a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Gulf Cooperation Council member states are working hard to set food import standards, including label and shelf‑life regulations. So if you want to ship food, you need proper knowledge about the itemIt’s better to ask your shipping or package forwarding company for this. They will guide you and suggest the best way for you.

All Goods From Israel

Kuwait prohibits imports from Israel. Israeli products and Israeli coupons or any other movable values are forbidden to ship to Kuwait. 

Goods and products produced in Israel are considered Israeli. It does not matter if the goods and items come directly or indirectly from Israel. Kuwait will not allow Israeli labeled items.

Other Prohibited Items For Shipping To Kuwait Are:

It is essential to know everything about shipping items to Kuwait. So, there are a few more forbidden items for shipping. Such as:

  • Drugs (prescription or non-prescription)
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Things that are offensive to the Kuwait Royal family and Kuwait politics, traditions, or objectionable to Muslim culture
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Radar and radio equipment

How To Manage Shipping Restrictions to Kuwait

It isn’t easy to manage shipping to Kuwait with the import restrictions, but it is essential. It can also be challenging to know whether the thing you want to import is banned or not and how you can ship it. The best option is to use a package forwarding company for it. They will guide you on what you shop and ship and what is prohibited. They can sometimes solve your restriction problem too.

You should know about your country’s restriction policy. Still, you can consult with the package forwarding company’s customer care team if you need extra guidance. For example, the customer care team can identify a specific item.


It’s essential to know about your country’s import restrictions. For example, what type of products do they allow or what is banned or prohibited. In addition, some products need specific documents to import products, such as a certificate of origin, an invoice of the product, a packing list, a bill of lading.

Some of the products are strictly restricted by the Kuwaiti government, such as weapons, pork meat, and goods related to Israel. And some are drugs and narcotics, and some items that can be harmful while shipping.

If you want extra guidance, then you can consult with your package forwarding company’s team. They can support and guide you properly about the shipping.

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