Prohibited Items When Shipping To Turkey

Prohibited Items When Shipping To Turkey

Prohibited Items When Shipping To Turkey

Although there are plenty of things when you shipping to Turkey, there are also many items that Turkey restricts for import. In much the same way, no courier service will carry everything – every country has a list of things they refuse to accept. 

So before shipping to turkey, you should know and search the list of items that are not allow to ship. If you’re not sure whether or not your goods allow into Turkey, you should read this article to learn what things are forbidden what are not.

In this blog, we will also discuss how you can ship and how you can get the complete detail of a product that is banned or not.

Prohibited Items When Shipping To Turkey

The Turkish government bans some items, and some need a particular document for shipping to turkey approval. Next, we list out the items list which has been prohibited or restricted to ship.

Weapons And Ammunitions

It is highly prohibited to ship any deadly weapons and ammunition. Not only for turkey, but most of the countries also do not allow for ship weapons.

Narcotics And Drugs

It is strictly not allowed to ship any narcotics and drugs to Turkey. Furthermore, it prohibits importing items related to drugs, and no one company can help you with this.


Explosion item prohibit to ship into the country. Turkey and almost all countries have a policy they cannot allow you to import these types of accounts. Read more to know how you can manage your shipment problems easily. 

Other Restricted Items

It is essential to know everything about your country’s shipping policy before shipping products to your country. Here is the list of items that are restrict to import, and for some things, it is necessary to have specific documents.

  • Alcoholic drinks and tobacco products.
  • Perfume
  • Electrical goods without permission.
  • Duplicate electrical items are dutiable
  • Fax machines and telecommunication equipment are restricted

How To Manage Shipping Restriction When Shipping To Turkey

It is not easy to manage shipping restrictions when shipping to Turkey. And it is also essential to know complete details about the product you’re importing, that it is prohibited or allowed.

The best possible way to handle your shipping is to consult with the package forwarding company. They have complete knowledge about shipping, and they can ship your product quickly. In addition, you can shop from online stores as they provide you a free US mail address, then you can ship to your country. And about the restricted items, they guide you the best about it.

If you want extra guidance about the shipment, you can consult with the company’s customer care team. They will guide you in detail about the product. Most probably, they will solve your shipment problem. 


It is essential to know about the import policies of your country. The government strictly bans some items, which are as follows. The main items: deadly weapons, narcotics or drugs, explosion items, and many items related to this. And the government also prohibited some things in which some things need documents, such as Perfume, Electrical goods, Duplicate electrical items are dutiable, Fax machines and telecommunication equipment are restricted.

The best solution is to use a package forwarding company to guide you the best about the restricted items. They have the best customer care center for extra guidance.

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