Ship Anything From USA to Oman

Ship Anything From USA to Oman


Oman is a country that has seen a major shift from traditional shopping to online shopping in the recent years. It is the second country in the Middle East constituting of 45 percent of online shoppers in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia who makes the 60 percent of the online shopping market. 75 percent of the population of Oman is internet users and the internet access is increasing and the trend of online shopping is blooming like never before.  Out of 4.6 million people of Oman, 2.1 are expatriates. Omanis are busy people and they don’t have time to do weekly groceries. They have opted to shop online; they can select products from any country and get them delivered at their door steps in less than a week. Buy from USA your favorite shows, clothes, gadgets and much more. You can ship anything from USA to Oman with our recommended package forwarding companies.

People in past would rely on their friends and family coming back from USA to order something they want from a store based in USA. Thanks to the ecommerce and shipping companies, shopping and shipping from USA is no longer a dream. Omanis have improved their lifestyle, fashion and quality of living with products from all around the world, USA in particular.

Package forwarding companies have been helping Omanis get their favorite products from the US. Companies like Global Shopaholics not only shop and ship your purchases from USA but also recommends the best sites you can buy from. There are other companies like, Planet Express and They ship boxes from USA through the courier services you choose. People who have used parcel forwarding services in the past say that they have peace of mind and they have saved a lot of time. These parcel forwarding services have aided in improving the lifestyle of Omanis and other people.  Most of these package forwarding companies guarantee time-definite and day-definite delivery according to your location. Buy anything online from USA, choose any courier service like DHL and FedEx, calculate and compare the shipping prices and ship boxes from USA to receive your parcel at your doorstep.

Consumers in Oman mostly shop for clothes and accessories, beauty products and electronics. There are also a good number of Omani online buyers who search for auto spares from the States.  Let’s look at few things people of Oman shop online the most based on their online shopping trends and which USA companies offer those things.

People of Oman shop mostly form Amazon, eBay/Etsy Selers, Colourpop, Gap, Carter’s, Sephora, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, Anastasia BH, 6pm, Carter’s and other quality leaders.

Consumers from Oman spend their money online in following products from USA.

Skin Care Products


Like Saudi women, Omani women are also shifting to brand leaders of makeup and skin care. USA is the hub of most famous makeup and skin care brands like Coty, Estee Lauder, L’Oréal, LVMH,New Avon, Ulta Beauty, Revlon, Glossier. Women of Oman are also buying reasonable priced and worldwide famous skincare products from companies like The Original. Shop and ship the best skincare products from the US with any of the best parcel forwarding services based in the US.

Mobile Phones


USA doesn’t only have Apple but any other smartphone options that appeal the Omani consumers. Like many other countries, Omanis opt to buy from USA to keep with the latest technology.



Omani consumers are shopping clothes from USA stores but the most bought article men’s shirts. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Puma, Zara, Nike Inc, Adidas make the shirts that most men want to wear. Omani men can’t resist them either suggests their shopping trends. And they can always shop and ship with the above mentioned parcel forwarding services/companies.

Smartphone Cases and  Electronic Accessories


This market is limited in Oman and USA produces smartphone cases in huge numbers and the customization and a variety offered beats its competitors. Consumers of Oman like to stay tech-updated and spend a great amount of money on electronic accessories like ear phones, charging cables and power banks and speakers. Buy from USA the latest trends in tech world.

Vehicle Spare Parts


Yes, you heard it right; people of Oman are searching for vehicle spare parts on online stores, and auction sites of USA. USA has one of the biggest automobile companies like Tesla in the world and the trend of buying spare parts from the states is natural.

Dietary Supplements


USA is world leader in pharmacy and medicine; no doubt they have the best dietary supplements. USA has a worldwide demand for supplements. The new generation of Oman is highly conscious of living a healthy life and they tend to buy supplements online. Ship boxes from USA, filled with the dietary supplements to start glowing from within.

Jewelry and Watches


A woman feels incompletely dressed without some good jewelry pieces and a good watch. Omani women are no different and search sites for the most unique pieces to stand out. Men of Oman also drool over the most awesome watches and order watches to give them as gift, for weddings and engagements and other events.

Such were the online shopping trends in Oman; suggests that strong policies and trustworthy parcel forwarding services and mediators are needed more than ever. Here is when package forwarding companies like Global Shopaholics come in with their transparent policies, fair prices and reliable services to make your experience of online shopping better than ever before.  Shop and ship with these companies to fulfill your shopping fantasies. Ship boxes from USA in cost-effective methods. Tell us in the comments if you need to know in detail about shipping your purchases from USA to Oman, we would be more than happy to help. You can also check what Germany is buying from USA and how to ship them to Germany.

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