Shipping Rates From USA to Saudi Arabia

Services Provided By Different Companies.

We were looking at some of the most popular Websites which ship directly from the USA stores to your door step with Shortest delivery Time and lowest Shipping Rates beside that the best Delivery Policy.

Therefore providing the fact that almost every website is working in a same manner.

Providing almost every kind of features which could ease and secure their customer on buying the services from them.

Most importantly before we actually buy any kind of services from any website we should have a proper comparison and knowledge of the shipping rates and delivery policy.

Shipping Rates, Delivery time and Policy.

So let start with telling you about the delivery policy and shipping rates of different companies.


Most importantly to make things more fascinating and attractive companies use such tactics to attract the customer.

Beside that in reality if you see the actual Shipping Rates and Delivery Time.

It is pretty much clear, this company is charging way higher than other companies.

This is the rate list of Saudi Arabia just for the customers to be more clear.

Shipping Rates and Delivery Time if we ship through Viabox.

  • Country to Ship: Saudi Arabia
  • Shipping From: USA
  • Weight 5 Lbs
  • Dimension: 13x12x5
  • Shipping Rate: $85.02 – $469.30

Delivery Policy

The delivery policy of this company is:

  • lengthy to find the real point out of it.
  • The policy is totally irregular regarding what should be first.
  • Most importantly it is difficult for an ordinary customer to understand.
  • Assisted Purchase 10%
  • International Shipping rates are expensive as compare to Global Shopaholics
  • Many Bad Reviews have written and Few Law suits have also written on some website ( not confirm about that)





Beside the fact that this company is working for 22 years.

Therefore it would be providing it’s customer the best shipping rates along with less delivery time.

Specifically these are the rate list for customers in Saudi Arabia.

The shipping Rates and Estimated Delivery Time

Delivery Policy

  • Giving all those services which are being mentioned before by VIABOX .
  • Therefore just to make their customer believe and trust they made this chart.
  • Most importantly they do not have a quick live support for their customers.
  • There is a delay in the shipments of 2-3 days.
  • 30 days free storage only.
  • charge Membership Fees.
  • Do not accept Bitcoin.

Global ShopaholicsGlobal Shopaholics

Looking at an other package forwarding company.

it started its business in 2016.

With in 3 years beside the facts that delivery timing is still the same the company secured to have lowest shipping rates for Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Shipping Rates For Saudi Arabia

Delivery Policy

  • No Sign up fees
  • No Monthly fees
  • Multiple Payment options like Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit/Debit Card, Bank Wire transfer
  • TransferWise , A payment gateway no package company out there is using right now. It is the best option if you are transferring big amount, Reason is there Best Currency exchange rate and Low international transaction charges.
  • Tax free ware house
  • Free Consolidation
  • Free Pictures of the Content
  • 24/7 Chat support
  • User Control On Customs Declaration Form
  •  USPS, ARAMEX , DHL and Box Berry ( lowest international shipping rates among all)
  • 5% for Assisted/personal shopper fee
  • 180 days free storage
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