How to Shop at US Online Stores with Address Restrictions

How to Shop at US Online Stores with Address Restrictions

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Are you a fond shopper based outside the US- the hub of shopping? But always wanted to be a part of the incredible shopping experience that the States has to offer? Well, Global Shopaholics is here to make shopping an all-inclusive activity for shopaholics all around the globe. Now you can Shop at US Online Stores in the smoothest way possible!

The Prime Problem – Address Restrictions

Now, the main issue that most online buyers face is that their favorite US online stores only deliver within the States. Or to some limited countries which do not include where they reside. Most of the time, our shopaholics hopelessly rule out all the stores with such address restrictions. But these stores may include some of the top-notch brands based in the US with the best quality of products to offer.

So, we understand how disappointing it can be to fill up your shopping cart with all these amazing goods only to find out at checkout that they do not deliver to your country. Stop imagining yourself in this situation. Because Global Shopaholics is now here to turn this scenario around.

The Smart Solution – shop US online stores and ship through Global Shopaholics

Yes, you read it right! You can now get goods from your favorite store delivered to your doorstep, even if it does not ship to your country! So, stop striking out all those phenomenal outlets from your shopping list and rush to their websites to shop your heart out. Because Global Shopaholics is here to lift the address restrictions for you. Here’s how:


Global Shopaholics is basically a  Worldwide parcel forwarding service that aids online buyers in electronic commerce. It enables cross-border trade that is otherwise not possible between the two countries due to address restrictions. So, we can make it possible for you to Shop at US Online Stores and get your products delivered to your doorstep anywhere around the world.

This is how it works:

shop US online stores and Ship to your Globalshopaholics TAX FREE US ADDRESS. Shop at US Online Stores
Shop at US Online Stores

US-based Warehouse

We provide you with a US shipping address of our warehouse. You just have to shop online like you normally would and enter the address of our US-based warehouse at checkout. Shop at US Online Stores and Your products are delivered to our warehouse. From here, we ship them to your country, at your doorstep, anywhere in the world!

Special Address

Shop at US Online Stores but Some US stores do not deliver to package-forwarding companies. But that does not mean these stores are off the table, because we have a way out here, too. To accommodate our shopaholics in such cases, we even offer you a ‘special address’. This is residential and not of our warehouse.

Once your products arrive at our warehouse, there are some other facilities that you can also benefit from, like:

Storage Facility

We offer up to 180 days of storage at its warehouse. This means that you can have your goods safely stored in one place while you carry on your shopping spree from multiple online stores. Once you are done, you can get your products shipped to your country all together and pay for shipping only once.

Consolidation & Repackaging

At our warehouse, we offer to consolidate of your products into one, big package. This makes it safer against any possible damage and also reduces the shipping cost. We also offer to repack your products, that may have originally come in fancy & bulky packaging, into more compact boxes that you have to pay less shipping fee for, based on size and weight charges.

Simplest possible solution to shop from your favorite US online store

Now that you have the simplest possible solution to shop from your favorite US online stores and get your shopping haul delivered to your doorstep anywhere around the world, what are you waiting for? Go and shop your heart out from all those brands that you have been admiring from afar, and seal the deal with Global Shopaholics to watch all those address restrictions float away! Happy shopping and shipping !

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