How to shop from US stores from overseas| shop and ship |

How to shop from US stores from overseas| shop and ship |

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Shopping experiences in the United States remain unsurpassed for the longest time now. It is every Shopaholic’s dream to live this experience at least once in their life, getting their hands on the high-end products impressively displayed in US stores. shop and ship

Shop and Ship

But with online shopping having taken over lately. Global Shopaholics can live this dream while conveniently sitting in any part of the world. There are limitations that still bother buyers while shopping online. shop and ship But don’t let that worry you for a second, because we are here to bring you the most amazing online shopping experience from US stores while sitting overseas. So shop and ship


Here are the top 7 problems that our Global Shopaholics face during online shopping from US stores, and how our worldwide parcel forwarding services alleviate them:

Shop USA websites & ship overseas for cheap. #1 international package forwarding company. Forward packages from Online USA stores! So shop and ship
Shop USA websites & ship overseas for cheap. #1 international package forwarding company. Forward packages from Online USA stores! So shop and ship
  • Needing a US address

Many online US stores only ship within the States, making it impossible for Shopaholics from elsewhere shop from top-notch US brands and benefit from the amazing sales in the US. To get rid of this problem, we are offering you an exclusive USA shipping address of our US-based warehouse. Using our address, you can get your products delivered to us, and we will, in turn, send them to you!

  • Needing a US card

Some online US stores only accept US cards for online payment and Shopaholics cannot pay using a foreign card. Does that mean you need to rule out all your favorite stores with this payment limitation? Not at all! Because here, we come to your rescue yet again!. If you wish to shop from an online store with this restriction, we offer to purchase your products for you using our US cards and deliver them to you!

  • Storage Issues

We know how exciting sales can be and very commonly, our Global Shopaholics tend to bag products from more than one stores. Instead of paying for the shipping separately and getting your products delivered individually from each store to you, you can get all your haul delivered to our warehouse, where you can enjoy up to 180 days of storage, So shop and ship

  • Packaging Problems

This brings us to our exclusive packaging facilities. Online stores tend to pack your goods in fancy boxes which are a lot bigger than the product inside them. only increasing the shipping cost based on weight and measurements of the package. Play smart here and let us repack your items into a smaller box, without compromising on their safety, and pay a lot less for shipping! So shop and ship

  • Shipping Troubles

Now comes what Shopaholics dread the most: the shipping. But dread it no more, because we are here to eliminate all the unpleasant elements of shipping. Products get damaged by the time they reach you? We ensure the safest shipping services. Goods arrive long after all the trends are old and forgotten? We assure fast shipping services. Shipping costs more than your shopping haul? We are offering the most affordable shipping rates! So shop and ship

  • Return and Exchange Hassle

The shopping struggle does not end with receiving your products. Sometimes, Shopaholics may not be completely satisfied with their purchase and wish an exchange. Other times, they may receive a defected product and want to return it. With our straightforward return and exchange policy. It is easier than ever to end up a completely satisfied Shopaholic!

  • Dangerous Goods Restrictions

Some Shopaholics’ favorite products are those that cannot be usually shipped. For those products, we offer exclusive shipping services certified for ‘dangerous goods’ that are not shipped so easily and safely otherwise. But with our services, you don’t have to worry about getting cosmetics, perfumes, and battery-powered gadgets- some of the hottest products sold online that every Shopaholic wishes to bag.


With solutions to the top-most problems faced by Global Shopaholics while shopping from US stores from overseas, we believe we have made it easier than ever for you to sit in any part of the world and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. So, shop and ship without a single worry on your mind!

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