The world is indoors right now

The world is indoors right now


With the whole world in a lockdown against the COVID-19, life has become confined to a restricted space. Businesses have come to a halt, half of the global community online working for itself, the other half waiting for this to blow over. Offices, factories, storages, shops, marketplaces and malls have shut down to defeat this pandemic. Recreation centers, public places, tourist attractions, restaurant businesses; everything and everyone is waiting it out at home. In the face of such a dangerous threat, the global harmony is heartwarming; the internet being a solid alibi for people around the world to take comfort in these dark times. For some people, this is a time to discover and introspect. For others, this is a time to shop in gross detail and use global shipping services.

shipping services
shipping services

Online shopping to the rescue

The main problem right now isn’t even the fact that the virus has an upper hand, but the fact that the whole world is home-bound and in need of supplies. In that regard, e-commerce has proven itself to be a savior. Previously, e-commerce existed for people who were far off from their favorite product, too busy to physically shop, or let’s be honest, just too lazy and comfortable in their space. Now, online shopping is literally saving lives. People around the world feel safe that with the internet alive and thriving, they can never run out on what they need or what they want. Thankfully, international shipping services are intact and functional, and this is a great time to discover shopping options on everything you’ve been putting off.

Where to begin?

Since the internet is literally a black-hole of options, determining where to begin from is a tough choice to make. Of course, all of your favorite products are in the USA. But how do you get yourself a platform on which all of your favorite products exist? Well, that’s easy enough: you go to the top ten US online stores. Amazon, Macy’s, e-Bay…you’re already familiar with the big guns of e-commerce. On these amazing online warehouses, you’ll find anything and everything. From wardrobe, toys, kitchen appliances, home improvement, tech gadgets, home appliances, furniture, mechanical parts, shoes, makeup, accessories; these online stores have it all. If it’s legal in the US, these websites sell it. That’s always a good route to start with. Speaking off customer reviews, Amazon is the top gun when it comes to online shopping, but it is really a matter of choice.

Let us simplify it further with Shopping assistance:

Shopping assistance is a customer care trend and Global Shopaholics is one of the leading package forwarding companies to set it in the global market. With Global Shopaholics’ shopping assistance, you just need to visit our website and you’ll have all the stock options of your favorite websites, consolidated in one place! All you have to do further is add it to your personal cart and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

shipping services
shipping services

How will it get to you?

After you’ve put your products in the cart, you make your choice of international shippers. We’ve even got that covered with our shipping calculator! Making that choice is now simple too! After you’re done with that, you get your free US mailing address. These online stores only deliver to a US mailing address and other companies charge money for it. Global Shopaholics, however, has your back. It’s on the house! After this, you just have to sit tight and your package is arriving any time now! Depending upon the shipping service, your location and the package you’ve chosen (express shipping is the quickest), your parcel will come home to you accordingly.

So summing up, we’re not only one of the best worldwide parcel forwarding services, we’re also a convenience service! Shopping and shipping has never been easier! We’ve got our 40,000 member customer family to take care of in these hard times and we’re committed to it. So log on to global shopaholics and make your quarantine better and more comfortable. If you’ve had your eye on something for a while and you’ve been putting it off, now is a great time to make the best of a bad situation. In the meanwhile, stay home, stay safe. We’re here for you if you need anything!


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