Top 10 Most Shipped items in the world | Parcel Forwarding Service |

Top 10 Most Shipped items in the world | Parcel Forwarding Service |


Global Shopaholics is not just a worldwide Parcel Forwarding Service, but a community of shopaholics from all across the globe. We strive to make electronic commerce an all-inclusive activity for our users worldwide. We want to make online shopping a smooth and fulfilling experience for you, which is why we do not just limit our services to only forwarding your consignments, but are always here to guide you how to go about your shopping spree.

Following are the top 10 most shipped items from the USA in the world that you need to consider buying from US stores during your next online shopping session:

1) Electronic Devices

It comes as no surprise that gadgets take the first place in the list of most shipped items in today’s age that is driven by technology. Authentic smartphones, laptops, and TVs are  just some of the numerous electronic products that you will not regret purchasing from the States and shipping home.

2) Clothes

The USA unsurpassably remains the best place in the world to shop for clothes because of the high quality from top-notch brands that it has to offer at reasonable rates. Whether it is fancy, expensive apparel, or casual and affordable clothing, the USA has the perfect clothing collections for every occasion.

3) Shoes

The right pair of shoes is essential for completing your outfit, and what better place to buy them than the States? Men, women, and kids, no one leaves disappointed from online US stores when it comes to shoe-shopping, because they have the perfect pairs for all genders and every age.

4) Accessories

Accessories have the power to completely transform your entire look, for better or for worse. Which is why, they are one of the most shipped items in the world. So, make sure to pick the jewelry and watches that rightly define your look from the vast collection available at online US stores.

5) Cosmetics

None of the aforementioned items matter if you do not look and feel your best. For that, the USA has some of the most high-end skincare and makeup ranges to offer. The perfect products for all skin types that you need to buy and treat your skin with the best after all that it does for you!

6) Toys

The USA is every child’s heaven, home to the wonders of Disneyland. Now, you may not be able to visit but you sure can bring its bliss home to your kids by shopping from the vast variety of toys from online US stores. Watch your little ones beam the brightest on receiving their favorites!

7) Video Games

Children are not the only ones fond of spending time playing, which is why the US has just what the adults need to please their inner child- video games. With the highest quality of design and content, it is no wonder that American video games are one of the most shipped products in the world.

8) Car Parts

A good car literally takes you places, but no car remains good as new after a certain amount of time. However, that does not mean it is time to change your car, but it may be time to replace worn out parts of your car with new ones. The US has top-end car parts to offer, that you can ship home.

9) Sports Equipment

Health undoubtedly needs to be the top priority in everyone’s life. And sports is the best way to not just keep yourself in shape, but also your mind active. So, make sure to gear up for your favorite sports with high quality sports equipment available at US online stores and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

10) Home Decor

Home is not just where the heart is, but also where the cosy furniture is, because it is undeniably your comfort zone. That is why, home decor products conclude the list of most shipped products in the world. So, get pleasant home decor items and revamp your home the way you like!

Now that you know all that is on the top of the buying lists of shopaholics worldwide Parcel Forwarding Service, you are ready to embark on your next shopping spree. Make sure to seal the deal with Global Shopaholics to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free online shopping and shipping experience with our swift, secure, and affordable package forwarding services. Happy shopping and shipping!

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