What International Shoppers Love to Shop and Ship from the USA

What International Shoppers Love to Shop and Ship from the USA

The USA has always been an unrivaled favorite of shopaholics from all over the world due to the vast variety of quality goods that top-notch American brands promise, at reasonable prices. So, shop and ship While it may have been a luxury to be able to shop and ship from the States back in the old days, it is now possible for every shopaholic to live this dream in the modern world of today; and Global Shopaholics makes it even easier to shop and ship from USA with its fast and affordable package forwarding services, coupled with a tax-free US address of its warehouse that offers up to 180 days of storage for your shopping haul. Now that it is so easy to bag your favorites from US stores and get them at your doorstep, let us guide you on what to shop for on your next shopping spree, based on our shopaholics’ favorites. 

Here are the top 5 things that international shoppers love to buy from the USA:

  • Clothes 

American clothing brands have the highest quality of apparel that follows all the latest fashion trends. So, whether you need something casual to add to your wardrobe for daily wear or something extraordinary for a special occasion, shopping online from US stores is the best option to make sure you get exactly what you have in mind and that too, at a reasonable price. GAP, forever 21, and Ralph Lauren have some of the most-loved clothing lines that international shoppers love to get their hands-on, and we are sure that you would too! So, shop and ship   

  • Accessories 

No matter how well you are dressed up, your look is going to be incomplete without the right accessories to pair your attire with. So, shop and ship It comes as no surprise that the USA has this section covered, too. US stores offer the most stylish accessories that can effortlessly transform your whole look and make you stand out of the crowd. Women can bag gorgeous jewelry to go with their outfits and men can pair theirs with classic watches. American shoe brands can also be blindly trusted if you are looking for comfortable and stylish footwear at the same time. 

  • Cosmetics           

With the outfit beautifully completed by shopping from US stores, let’s move on to what plays a vital part in defining beauty- healthy skin. The USA takes a lead in this department, too. American makeup and skincare products are famous worldwide for how they make your skin look and feel. So, shop and ship and put your best face forward with American cosmetics by bagging all your favorites from the best beauty brands. Let Global Shopaholics ship your beauty haul to your doorstep with its swift and smooth USA package forwarding services!  

  • Electronic Appliances 

It is a well-known fact that the best electronic appliances are manufactured in the States. American companies not only promise the highest standards in their electronic gadgets but also a vast variety that keeps up with the latest technology. Be it the newest mobile phones in the market or their accessories, the USA is the best option to choose for shopping gadgets. Not only this, but American brands also produce some of the best home appliances that make your exhausting daily tasks a piece of cake!

  • Toys 

Being home to Disney, it is only fair to label USA as the finest producer of toys that hold the power to bring the broadest of smiles on your children’s faces. Whether you need something to entertain your newborn, or a Christmas/birthday present to brighten up your kid’s day, shopping online from US toy stores is the best way to go about it. So, bag that toy of the latest Disney movie character and watch your child smile from ear to ear upon receiving it, which is sure to fill your heart with joy, too!

With this list of international shoppers’ favorite things to buy from the USA, you are ready for your next shopping spree. And, what better choice than Global Shopaholics to forward your package of happiness to your doorstep? So, make sure to seal the deal with our worldwide parcel forwarding services. Happy shopping and shipping!

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