5 Rewards Programs On US Stores For BIG Savings

5 Rewards Programs On US Stores For BIG Savings

Money-saving tips usually consist of clipping coupons, waiting for special seasonal deals, and setting your budget. But you don’t have to wait for the special events or seasonal sales for savings, some of the top US stores have great rewards programs that can help you save big in the long run.

Consumers can shop and save money with regular discounts, rewards programs, sales, and different cash-saving initiatives with these stores. For example, Bed Bath and Beyond is a store in America that consistently offers a 20% off coupon. There are several other stores which offer similar programs too.

Here are five Rewards Programs on US stores that can help you save big!

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has a rewards program that offers customers a 10% discount on every purchase, including items in the bookstore cafe. In addition, customers can sign up for a membership in stores or online, which costs $25 per year. Additional benefits of being a Barnes & Noble member include:

  •  A 20% discount coupon to redeem on your first purchase as a member 
  •  Exclusive coupons and offers for members 
  •  A special birthday offer  
  •  Early access to shopping events.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is a home and personal care store that keeps you smelling fresh. It has two big annual sales at Christmas and one in summer, where shoppers can enjoy 75% off items, including candles, lotions, soaps, and other personal care products. 

However, you don’t have to wait for these significant sales events. Instead, sign up for the mailing list online or in-store to receive coupons, promo codes, and other exclusive offers. These offers are offered regularly throughout the year.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond offers year-round savings for consumers. As with other stores that regularly offer discounts, there are savings in the form of membership (known as BEYOND+) and special promotions. 

If you are a regular consumer of household and related items, membership can be a worthwhile investment. It costs$29 per year and includes:

  •  20% of your total order with each purchase  
  •  A dedicated toll-free customer service number 
  •  50% discount on decorist interior design services


At Kohl, you will find a wide variety of products, including clothing, appliances and home accessories. This dealer also offers a variety of ways to save. The best known is the Kohl’s Rewards program. It’s free to register in stores or online and get discount coupons based on how much you spend in the store. Program details include:

  •  Shoppers receive a 5% reward with every purchase. 
  •  Watch for notifications from Kohl’s when your Kohl’s Cash is available. These are coupons that are available in tranches of 5% increments. 
  •  Spend your Kohl’s Cash within 30 days of notification. 

If you spend $50 or more, you will receive an additional $10 of Kohl’s Cash.

American Eagle

American Eagle, a clothing brand based in America, is best known for its jeans and sells other clothing items.

The stores has special programs to save a considerable amount, the “RealReward” program. In this program, signing up is for free. It can be done in-store or online and comes with an instant $5 reward.

In addition, members enjoy birthday coupons, exclusive sales events, and double points when purchasing jeans.

How To Ship These Discounted Products To Your Home

It is essential to know how to ship these products to your country because most international consumers seek discounts and deals to save money but have heavy shipment charges, so there is ultimately no benefit in getting discounts. 

For this, you should use a package forwarding company, which will deliver the products to your doorstep. Also, if you want to shop for multiple products and ship them in one package, you can use a package consolidation service of the company. It helps to save a lot of money.

Sometimes stores will not accept international credit cards or will require a US phone number. For this, you can use the Assisted Purchase service offered by various package forwarders, whereby you tell them a link to what you want to purchase and they will purchase it on your behalf. Package forwarding companies can really help you ship and save costs on shipments.

Recommended package forwarding companies are Global Shopaholics, Ship7 or MyUS.


International shoppers want to shop for discounted products to save money, but they often wait for special events, occasions and seasonal sales. 

But many stores offer great Rewards Programs, such as Barnes & Noble, Bath and Body Works, Bed Bath and beyond, Kohl’s or American Eagle.

You can ship them to your country by using a package forwarding company, which will provide various services to help you save shipping costs.

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