How Package Forwarding Services Can Solve Your International Shipping Problems

How Package Forwarding Services Can Solve Your International Shipping Problems

This time of the year is the best to go shopping and save as much as you can, because of the upcoming holiday season and the many deals that come along with it. Some of the biggest shopping brands are located in the USA, and a lot of them go all out on sales on events like Easter, Halloween etc. and even these stores do not offer international shipping, you can always get the help of package forwarding services.

We have covered all the major upcoming events this year on which you can shop and ship from US stores in another blog, so don’t forget to check it out if you haven’t.

Naturally, a lot of shoppers even outside the US want to shop from these stores. But the main problem for a lot of these international shoppers is shipping problems. Because most online stores do not ship directly to other countries, direct shipment costs are very high.

This blog aims to give you complete detail on how Package Forwarding services can solve your international shipping problems, so read more to know more.

US Mail Address

Firstly you have to visit a package forwarding services companies site and sign up with them. Every company has their signup policy. After signing up with them, they provide you with a US mail address

Every company has its own approach, some companies offer free US address services such as Global shopaholics, Planet express and provide paid addresses just like Myus.

You can shop from a US store by using this US mail address.

Storage Options

Warehouse storage is also a very useful service offered by package forwarding companies. When you shop from a US store using the US mail address and ship to their warehouse, they store your product. So you can ship your packages immediately or store your products in their warehouse.

Every company has its policy. Companies may offer you 15, 30 or even 60 days of storage. Global Shopaholics provides you up to 180 days free storage.

Assisted Purchase

Assisted Purchase is a service that makes it easier for customers to purchase products online. When you shop online, you may find it difficult to shop as some stores may not accept non-US credit cards. In addition, many US online stores will ask you to provide a US phone number, which can be difficult if you do not live in the US. 

So for this, you can use Assisted Purchase. You just have to share the web link to the item that you wish to buy, and the company will buy it for you.

Package Consolidation Service

Package consolidation can help you save massively on shipping costs. This service allows you to combine multiple items bought in different stores in the US into one larger shipment. This service takes large orders and reduces them to a smaller size for better shipping prices.

It can be very pricey shipping different packages individually. With package consolidation, you can get these packages combined into one to reduce the total volume.

You Can Choose Your Courier Service

If you’re using package forwarding services, They provide you with the best service for the shipment, which is, You can choose your courier service. In which this is your choice which shipping company you want to select.

They have a shipping calculator to calculate the shipment cost according to the different courier services. So this is in your hand you want to ship fast or in standard time.

Customer Care Center

Usually, Package forwarders have a separate team that engages with the customers to solve their problems, which is beneficial for the customer. So the customer care centre service is also outstanding if you want to ask something and if you’re facing any problem, you can quickly contact them through the website, social media or the call.


There are so many ways in which package forwarding services can make shipping easier for you. We have discussed the significant services that can help you solve shipment problems, such as a US Mail Address, Storage Option, Assisted Purchase, Package consolidation service. You can choose your courier service and customer care centre service.

Hopefully, this will help you a lot when shipping something to your country from the USA.

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