Package Consolidation And Why It Is Important

Package Consolidation And Why It Is Important

Package consolidation is a valuable service that lets you consolidate the multiple US purchased orders from different US stores and merge them in one larger shipment.

In other words, these services take large orders and reduce them to smaller sizes to get better shipping prices.
Package consolidation service might seem like a lot of unnecessary work, but package consolidation services come with many benefits.

But first, let’s take a detailed overview of how the process works.

How This Process Works

This services are used for international shipping. Because international shipping rates are expensive, you can save a lot of money using this service if your shipping items are as small a package as possible.

Items are usually delivered in boxes that are much bigger than they need to be. If you sent these items in the original boxes to international locations, you would spend a lot more money than you need to pay.

That is where package consolidation services come in.

It Helps To Save Cost

As you know, usually, international shoppers seek the different deals and promotions that US stores offer to save price, but US store shipment charges are expensive.

Package consolidation is an excellent way to save even more money when buying US products online. When you consolidate packages together, you can lower the total costs of your shipments. As a result, customers save up to 80% on average by using these services.

Multiple Shopping At The Same Delivery

Package consolidation service allows you to shop from different US stores and ship them in one delivery.

Many package forwarding companies provide you a storage option. Every company has different storage policies. They offer a storage option to save packages at their warehouse for a certain number of days. Global Shopaholics offer 180 days storage options to their customers.

You can store your packages in their warehouse, waiting for more shopping and packages. And ship them to your country whenever you want to.

Optimize Your Package Space

Package forwarding companies take extreme care when repacking and bundling your shipments. The company’s priority is to carefully arrange your different shipping packages into a single package to optimize the space within the box.

At the same time, they will manage your items with care to avoid any damages during transportation.

Best Companies That Offers Package Consolidation services

Many companies provide package consolidation services. According to reviews of the consumers and ratings. we listed out the name of the top package forwarding company, Such as

  • Global Shopaholics.
  • Myus.
  • Planet Express.
  • Stackry

These are the major companies that provide the best package consolidation service. In addition, these companies offer storage options from 60-180 days that can help you shop multiple products and store them in the warehouse for consolidation.


In this blog, we have discussed the overview of package consolidation service, what package consolidation is, how it works, and how to use this service. We have also highlighted the top benefits of this service: It helps save costs, Multiple shopping at the same delivery, and how to optimize your package space.

We also discussed the best package forwarding companies that offer this service: Global shopaholics, Myus, Planet express, and Stackry.


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