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Alternatives to Amazon – Global Shopaholics


Amazon taking too long to deliver your orders? Don’t worry, because luckily, there are some amazing alternatives available to solve this problem! While Amazon may be the most trusted and widely used e-commerce platform with a vast variety of excellent facilities to offer, its substitutes are not few, but plenty. These other, similar websites Alternatives to Amazon – Global Shopaholics are no less than Amazon in terms of standard, offering all the services without compromising on the quality. These services can be turned to without thinking twice if Amazon’s services have not been up to the mark lately due to the measures being taken against COVID-19. Global Shopaholic’s worldwide parcel forwarding services are at your disposal to bring products from these e-commerce stores to your doorstep!       

Here are the top 5 alternatives to Amazon:

  1. Walmart

A name that needs no introduction due to its well-established market in the world of e-commerce. While Amazon has a more dominating online presence, Walmart takes the lead in terms of physical presence, making it a strong competitor and a trustworthy alternative. It has a vast variety of all sorts of products that Amazon has to offer. Walmart also has the added benefit of having products at cheaper prices and charging lesser delivery charges. So, it is certain that you will not be disappointed if you choose Walmart over Amazon to get your goods delivered faster to Global Shopaholics’ USA forwarding address and hence, to your doorstep!

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2. Target

Another big name in the e-commerce circuit, Target is also an equally amazing alternative to Amazon if you are looking for faster processing option. Whether it is clothing items, accessories, lifestyle products, or household essentials, Target has got it all to offer. It is known for its incredibly reasonable rates and good quality at the same time. If you are looking for some economical deals, Target has got them going year-round! You can get your goods from Target delivered to Global Shopaholics’ tax free US address and get them forwarded to your doorstep within a few days with all safety precautions taken against COVID-19! 

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3. eBay

One of the best substitutes of Amazon that delivers a lot sooner! eBay offers countless categories that you can shop from and where you can find some of the most popular American brands. Not only does this ensure high quality, but also the availability of all your favorites in one place, making your shopping journey a smooth one. eBay also offers daily deals that can help you save a lot while fulfilling all your needs. We are sure that choosing eBay for faster delivery will be the right decision! Global Shopaholics is at your service to bring your shopping haul from eBay to your doorstep via its USA package forwarding facility.    

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4. Best Buy

This retail store deals with a vast variety of all kinds of electronics that you can possibly imagine. Alternatives to Amazon You will find everything tech-related here, ranging from the latest smartphones and computers, all the way to home appliances and car accessories. While it only has a limited category to offer, unlike Amazon, it is definitely the best option to go for when shopping for gadgets. Not only you are guaranteed to receive the best in the world of tech, but also fast and efficient delivery of your products. Explore through all the incredible electronics available at Best Buy and get them at your doorstep with Global Shopaholics’ international shipping facilities!

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5. Newegg

Another online retailer that is known for having a wide range of electronics on the best prices. It also offers a relatively smaller section of apparel & accessories, along with home décor items which are available at equally reasonable rates. Newegg’s delivery service is one of the fastest in the world of e-commerce, coupled with great customer service. You are in for a treat if you choose Newegg as an alternative to Amazon for getting your electronics. Get your products from Newegg delivered to Global Shopaholics’ free US forwarding address and have them delivered to your doorstep sooner than you know!     

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Now that you know of all these amazing alternatives to Amazon that can deliver your goods to you a lot faster, what are you waiting for? Explore these wonderful online retail stores now and bag all your favorites to keep your heart filled with joy amidst this pandemic. Make sure to seal the deal with Global Shopaholics for a free USA Address & Package Forwarding services at their smoothest. We are taking all necessary precautions against the COVID-19 to ensure your safety. Happy shopping & shipping while staying home & safe!         

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