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How to buy from Amazon and Ship to Pakistan

Online Shopping has become more prominent and it is transforming the way consumers all over the world buy products.  Who doesn’t want the luxury of buying virtually any product shipped right to their door without ever leaving their home?   In today’s world, the Online Marketplace is overloaded with products and a countless variety of options on online stores such as Amazon etc.

But how can you distinguish good quality products over the bad ones?  Studies have shown over 80% of the consumer products available online are not even worth buying in the first place.

For this reason the average Online Shopper living in America has the greatest advantage over the rest of the world.  Why is that?  The answer is simple, they have access to Online Stores like which are not always accessible to everyone.  So you might ask yourself, does Amazon Pakistan Delivery exist?  Unfortunately there is no Amazon Shipping to Pakistan directly.  The good news is, we have found a way!

What Advantage does and Online stores like it give to US Residents?

Online shoppers who live in the USA  have adapted new ways of “Smarter Online Shopping”.   Not only do online shoppers in America have access to the largest selection of products in the world, the Online stores they have access to provide  tools that enable them to make the best decisions about products they are interested in buying.

So how can I filter through all the ‘trash’ to find the real treasure I am looking for?

The answer is very simple. You have to educate yourself about the products you are looking at when you go Online Shopping.  A little bit of research goes a long way and insures your money is not wasted.  Amazon and other US Online stores have the most affordable quality products, because they have standards they have to meet and maintain.

This all sounds­­­ great, but what Online Stores are going to enable me to research products I am interested in buying?

Today Amazon sells over 480 million products in the USA. On average, Amazon introduces 485 thousand new products everyday!

Finally we come to the main issue.  Amazon does not ship to Pakistan! Now what?   

There is no Amazon Pakistan Delivery and other US online stores do not ship to Pakistan either. So how can an online shopper get access the wide selection of products they have to offer?

Have no fear, help is near! All you need is to sign up with a company who offers Package Forwarding. This company will assign you a free US Address were you can ship your and other US Online store packages to and they will forward to you in Pakistan.

Wow, this is AMAZING! But it sounds expensive. How much will this type of service cost me?

It’s true, many companies out there are expensive. The key is to look for a company who has a very basic fee structure. Many companies will offer extra services for free, but when you get the final bill you will quickly realize the fees they charge for their standard services overshadow the “Free Extra Services” they claim to provide.

We have to perfect solution for you!  Introducing Global Shopaholics  –  They will provide you with a free USA Address and you will be able to send packages to that address.  When they receive your packages they will provide photos when they arrive so you can see what you bought.  Not only that, but they offer free package consolidation and storage for up to 180 days. This means you can buy from and other Online Stores over a long period of time and ship everything to your assigned USA Address (their warehouse). They will collect all of your packages and when you are ready to ship, they will combine all the packages in on shipment to save you even more money! So why pay for international shipping over and over each time you want to buy something? Online stores in USA usually ship free within USA! So ship everything to their address for free, collect and combine when you are ready. This way you only pay international shipping one time! On top of that, their shipping rates are unbeatable.

It looks like I can really afford this service, but what if I don’t have a Credit card or it is not being accepted?

Global Shopaholics also offers Assisted Purchase.  When you use this service you pay them directly and they will buy the items for you!   It is also the only US based company which is also registered in Pakistan!  They have a local bank with HBL and you can go to any HBL bank to make direct cash deposit or you can transfer money from your bank to HBL account.

Finally you can enjoy the ease, luxury and piece of mind with US Online stores and Amazon Shipping to Pakistan Service! Access the cheapest Amazon Pakistan Shipping rates. You can now buy any type of product online from Amazon without shipping difficulties anymore.

Amazon Shipping to Pakistan service has brought ease of access to many people willing to buy products from the  best e-commerce platform on the Internet. Now Amazon, as well as many other online store products, are no longer away from your grasp.

Simply get logged on to any online shopping store, buy your desired product and get it shipped to your home with the most affordable shipping. We don’t only provide shipping service in Pakistan. Our services are available for people all across the world. We can deliver your products to your doorstep in any part of the world. You can surely choose us for shipping services and we won’t let you down.

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  • You are a life savor for us Pakistanis 🙂
    I was looking for a service like this, I have tried a few local ones but they are expensive. Any suggestions ?
    Thank you

    • Yes local companies are sort of expensive because they are already working with the main Package forwarding companies in US and then obviously they have to make profit too. So basically you have to pay twice.I would suggest try contacting directly to a Package forwarding company in USA ( and in your case) Try Global Shopaholics. By far they have the lowest Shipping rates for Pakistan.

  • Yeah i was thinking that too. I read in your article that Global Shopaholics have a bank account in Pakistan? Is it a companies account or like a Agent ?

    • They are Registered in Pakistan, We asked them there NTN number etc. And the Bank Account is on there name. So i think they are legit.

    • Package forwarding companies charge on the weight of the package, If you use Aramex it about $15 for the first pound and then 4-5$ per pound.DHL is about $30-$40 first pound. (Depending on which company you use).
      Aramex takes 6-8 days and DHL 3-4 Days.
      And also there is USPS which deliver through your local post, Some people in Pakistan prefer USPS.

  • Hi i live in pakistan (lahore)my husband live in America can I use my husband credit card .plz tell me all detail and all charges

    • Yes you can, You can buy items from any online websites and ship to the US address given. And then they will ship to your home in Pakistan. You should sign up on the website and speak to the live chat agent available there or you can email with all the questions.

    • Yes, You can sell items on Amazon. We are actually writing a detail blog about this. I personally know some friends they sell there products on Amazon and ebay and they live in India and Pakistan. They sent there items together to Global Shopaholics warehouse and from there Global Shopaholics take care of the Customs (If any) Shipping etc. You should contact them directly and they will guide you.

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