Benefits of Multi Carrier Shipping

Benefits of Multi Carrier Shipping


Benefits of Multi-Carrier Shipping

As online shopping is taking over conventional shopping, the competition amongst package-forwarding services continues to rise, because shipping remains one of the most significant factors in ensuring a smooth online shopping experience. With so many carrier options to choose from, customers would always prefer having the liberty to pick the one that suits them the best. This is why, as a worldwide parcel forwarding service, Global Shopaholics offers all the leading international courier services- including Aramex, DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS- for its global family to choose from, according to their convenience. This freedom of choice can have several advantages, if you know how to avail them. So, let us go through the various ways in which you can benefit from the multiple courier facilities being offered by us.

Here are 4 benefits of multi-carrier shipping:

Benefits of Multi Carrier Shipping
Benefits of Multi Carrier Shipping
  1. Cost-effectiveness

The biggest advantage of having multiple shipping services to choose from is that you get to save money. Different courier services have different charges for shipping to different countries. If you have various options to choose from, you get to pick the one that costs the least to deliver your products from the USA to your country. Make sure to utilize this liberty wisely, by comparing the prices of each service to ship to your country before choosing one. Sometimes, a service that is charging you less for shipping may take longer to ship to your country. Here, you need to decide whether your priority is to get your products quickly, or to get them shipped at cheaper rates.

  1. Reduced Shipping Time

Another plus attached to having the freedom to choose from multiple shipping options is that you can pick the one that delivers to your country the fastest. Although all the services that we have to offer are equally efficient, some may take slightly longer than others to ship to a particular country from the USA. So, if you need your products urgently, you can always pick the Multi Carrier Shipping that takes the least amount of time to deliver to your country.  This also keeps the door of continuing online shopping open for you, even if a certain shipping service does not ship to your country, because you still have a number of backup options to choose from.

  1. Shipping Restricted Goods

Some courier services may have restrictions on shipping certain items. Now, if a package forwarding service only offers one courier option, and the product(s) that you want to ship to your country happens to be on the list of restricted goods of that courier service, that would put an end to your online shopping experience before it even begins. However, with Global Shopaholics’ USA package forwarding services, you can always continue with your online shopping, even if a carrier prohibits the shipping of your product(s), because you can pick another carrier from the multiple options available, that does ship that product to your country!

  1. Avoiding Overload Delays

During periods of heavy online shopping and shipping, like holiday seasons, some courier services may experience unusual workload, which may cause their shipments to be delayed. In such scenarios, renowned carriers tend to inform their customers of any expected delays. So, when you have multiple shipping services to choose from, you do not have to be a victim to these seasonal delays, because you can always choose another courier option that is not as overloaded with work as to cause any delays. So, make sure to stay updated on any such announcements regarding expected delays, and explore other shipping options in such situations!

  1. Availing Discounted Deals

While holiday season may bring along delays in shipment delivery sometimes, it also comes with some amazing discounts offered by courier services to treat their customers during the festive season. Now, different carriers may offer these holiday deals at different points during the festive season. Also, some shipping services’ deals may be more economical than others. So, do go through all the available options while shipping holiday merchandise from the USA to your country during this time of the year, and make sure to pick the one that is offering shipping services at discounted rates at that time as well as the one offering the highest discount!

Benefits of Multi Carrier Shipping
Benefits of Multi Carrier Shipping

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of Multi Carrier Shipping, make sure to opt for the US package forwarder, Global Shopaholics, that offers multiple courier options to choose from for your utmost convenience! Happy shopping and shipping!

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