Global Shopaholics Promises Consolidation in Two Days with Money Back Guarantee!

Global Shopaholics Promises Consolidation in Two Days with Money Back Guarantee!


Global Shopaholics Promises Consolidation in Two Days

Buying US products online from Amazon, Macy’s, EBay and other popular online stores and bringing them out of the US has always been an expensive and tedious process, with usually nearly impossible hitches of shipping, customs, legitimacy of the products, late dispatches, mishandling of merchandise, unreasonable shipping rates, no consolidation, mailing address issues and more.

All these problems existed within their parameters but the world also wanted US products. With increasing demands of US products in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, that problems needed solutions.

Who we are

Global Shopaholics, a registered global player in the E-Commerce, Consolidation and Shipping market, brought in a cost-effective, efficient and easy method to the madness.

Global Shopaholics, which operates from more than three continents with a base of operations in Delaware, provides a seamless string of services which are set in motion when you click on a product to the point that you receive it at your doorstep.

How it’s done:

Your products are received at our warehouse, which is your free US shipping address, provided by Global Shopaholics. The products, from different online stores, are consolidated in one box and then shipped to you through your choice of shipping service; much more cost effective and efficient!

Customer Services :

Our customer service representatives are at your service 24 hours a day, engaging you on every step of your delivery. Our chat and support team not only apprise you of the progress, but also answer any questions you may have regarding our services or countering any problems that you may face.Global Shopaholics Promises Consolidation

The ground breaking deal:

Absorb this: A consolidation request is processed within two days by company policy. For up to twenty packages, if we’re more than two days late in processing your consolidation request, you can have your processing fee back!

A free mailing Address :

How about that! A free mailing Address, consolidation of your favorite items from different stores in a box, customer support sailing you through the process and a guaranteed processing deal!

For shipping your favorite US products, Sign up and choose your favorite items from your choice of store and ship through your choice of shipping service! It does not get any better than this!

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