Costly International Shipping Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Costly International Shipping Mistakes You Need to Avoid

A lot of people shop and ship their desired products from international stores, But most of the time, it is costly to ship products to another country. So we have listed out the top international shipping mistakes and reasons that make your shipment expensive, and we will try to explain how you can avoid them.

Choosing The Wrong Way To Ship

There are many shipment methods but most people import products directly from the stores or the courier service to be expensive.

Many people are unfamiliar with package forwarding companies. These companies can ship your products from international stores to your country at very cheap rates, even if the store itself does not offer international shipping.

These companies work as the middle man. If you want to shop and ship from US stores, they will provide you with a free US mail address. You can then easily buy products from stores in the US and get them delivered at the free US mail address you have been provided. From there, the package forwarding company will ship the packages directly to your country.

Not Knowing Your Courier Options

Sometimes people use a more expensive courier service instead of a more economical one just so that they can get quicker shipping. Also, some people aren’t even fully aware of the options they have when it comes to shipping internationally.

Importing goods directly from the courier service instead of using a package forwarding company can be costly because you’re left with fewer options.

I recommend companies such as Global Shopaholics, MyUS, Stackry.

Not Getting The Right Packaging

Did you know that efficient packaging can reduce international shipping costs by up to 30%? For this, you should check out the package consolidation services offered by these package forwarding companies.

Selecting the best-sized box, the right amount of protective filling and the correct taping method can save time and money. In addition, products should be packed securely and as close together as safely possible to reduce the volumetric weight. Package consolidation service offers you all these services to save your shipping cost.

Wasting Money On The Wrong Purchases

All the money spent on buying and shipping will go to waste if you’re unhappy with the item when you finally receive it. Unfortunately, a lot of people ship their package without knowing if the package is complete or not. Some freight forwarding companies offer the option to get a picture of your package before they ship it out so that you can confirm if it is truly what you asked for.

Before the shipment, you can consult the customer care team on how to receive a picture of the package before it is shipped; they will help you out and possibly offer other helpful services too.


Most people have the perception that international shipping is costly, but they may be making simple mistakes that make their shipment costlier than it needs to be.

There are some simple errors which you should avoid, like shipping with the wrong company, not packaging your items the right way, or picking the wrong courier service. These are all the mistakes that make your shipment expensive.

Using a good freight forwarding company is the best way to solve all of these problems.

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