How to shop from USA & ship to Egypt

How to shop from USA & ship to Egypt


The USA is the unparalleled hub of economical and quality shopping and shopaholics from all over the world, including Egypt, the dream of living this experience. While it was very difficult in the past for shopaholics from Egypt to realize this dream, now that online shopping has taken over, this dream is actually achievable. However, online shopping comes with its own complications that may sometimes become hurdles in your online shopping experience from the US and shipping to Egypt. But with Global Shopaholics’ incredible worldwide parcel forwarding services, you do not have to worry about any of these issues, because we have just the right solutions to them that enable you to shop from USA & ship to Egypt.

Here are solutions to the top 5 problems faced while shopping from USA and shipping to Egypt:

  • Address Restrictions

Many big US stores only offer the delivery of their products within the States, but that does not mean that there is no way for you to get them in Egypt. Global Shopaholics provides you with the USA shipping address of our warehouse, where you can get your products delivered. We receive your products on your behalf and then forward them to your doorstep in Egypt! If a store does not deliver products to package forwarding companies, we provide you with a special, residential address. So, address restrictions are no more an obstacle in your online shopping experience!

  • Card Restrictions

Some American stores only accept US cards for online payment and you cannot pay using a foreign card. Does that mean you need to rule out all your favorite stores with this payment limitation? Not at all! Because here, we come to your rescue yet again! If you wish to shop from an online US store with this restriction, we offer to purchase your products for you using our US cards, receive them at our warehouse, and then forward them to you in Egypt. Another hurdle out of your way to ensure a smooth online shopping experience for you!

  • Storage Issues
We know how exciting shopping
from the States can be, especially during its grand holiday sales.  So, it is very common for shopaholics from
Egypt to bag products from more than one stores. Instead of paying for the
shipping separately and getting your products delivered individually from each
store to you, you can get all your haul delivered to our warehouse, where you
can enjoy up to 180 days of storage, while you continue with your shopping
spree. When you are done, you can get your entire shopping haul delivered to
you at once and save on shipping costs!
  • Packaging Problems

Global Shopaholics has exclusive packaging facilities. We offer to repack your items from big, fancy boxes into a smaller box so that you have to pay a lot less for shipping based on weight and dimensions of the package. You can also get all your products consolidated into one large box to get them delivered to you together and pay for shipping only once. Your precious purchases are guaranteed to reach you unharmed in our secure packages, because the safety of your products is our top priority and we never compromise on that.

  • Dangerous Goods Restrictions

Some of our Egyptian shopaholics’ favorite products are those that are restricted from being shipped, but you can still bag them because Global Shopaholics is officially certified to ship dangerous goods like perfumes, cosmetics, and electronics. These categories are some of the hottest ones to shop from and with the high quality of products that the USA has to offer, buyers from Egypt love to purchase these products. Shipping dangerous goods is not impossible anymore so shop for all your favorites now because we will deliver them all to you safely!

shop from USA, Ship to Egypt

Now that you have the perfect solutions for the top-most problems faced while shopping from the USA and shipping to Egypt, what are you waiting for? Embark on your shopping spree right away and seal the deal with Global Shopaholics’ USA package forwarding services for a smooth experience. Happy shopping and shipping!

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