Labor Day 2021: Sales Guide

Labor Day 2021: Sales Guide

Labor day is coming! And you are looking for the deals update of labor deals. Then you’re here in the right place. We will guide you about the best deals.

This event is coming within a couple of weeks, on the first Monday of September. Labor day is a national holiday in the United States in honor of working people. This event recognizes the American labor movement—works and contributions of laborer’s to the development and achievements of the United States. 

In this event, most US online sites live their deals and promotion in which you can shop discounted clothing, appliances, mattresses, and different tech gadgets. Labor Day sales tend to start around two weeks before the holiday itself.

We listed out the deals of labor day in the US., and also, we will discuss how you can shop and ship these items if you are an international buyer.

Which US Stores Live Sales On Labor Day 2021

You can get some fantastic deals on Labor Day because Labor Day takes place at the end of summer; it’s an excellent time to find summer deals from famous US stores.


Visit Walmart’s Labor Day sale online for great deals on TVs, tech gadgets, appliances, furniture and more. And get great deals in-store. 

Walmart hours are similar to their regular business hours – many Walmart stores will be open 24 hours.

East Bay

Get ready for the fantastic sale on labor day 2021 on east bay. You will find athletic shoes, apparel, and equipment from top brands like Puma, New Balance, Timberland, and Nike at Eastbay. This is the best chance to save up to an 80% discount on different items at Eastbay.


Get the latest labor day deals and promo codes at kohls. In kohls, men summer apparel, shoes, and accessories start from 5$, and you can save up to 80% off women’s clothing items.


Shop the Sears Labor Day Sale. Find all the best coupons and deals for on appliances, clothes, gadgets and more. Shop at a Sears in the US and deliver to your home. Read more to know how you can ship these items. 

Sears hours on that day are the same as their regular business hours.

Best Buy

Shop Best Buy’s Labor Day Savings Event. Find all the most fantastic coupons and deals for on TVs, appliances, electronics and more. Get great deals in-store. Best Buy hours on that day are the same as their regular business hours.

How Can You Grab These Deals To Your Country?

Everyone is looking toward the US stores because these stores live on one of the biggest deals on events. But not just US residents but international consumers also want to shop and ship these items to their countries, but they face such problems:

  • US address is compulsory for delivery.
  • Most of the US stores do not ship to other countries.
  • Stores do not accept international credit cards
  • Standard International shipping rates are much costly.
  • It will be expensive if you send them separately.

The best way is to use a package forwarding company. They mail your products from the US to your doorstep. Furthermore, they provide you a free US address to ship your products to the given address at their warehouse. 

Therefore, you can store your items in the warehouse or ship them quickly. Furthermore, if you want to shop many products from the US stores, you can post your items to the given address at the warehouse. In addition, they provide a package consolidation service in which they combine your multiple packages into one package. This service will help you in reducing shipment costs.

The top package forwarding companies include Global ShopaholicsMyUS and Planet Express, according to consumer ratings. 


Labor Day is coming within a couple of weeks, and most US stores go live on their Labor day promotions well in advance. So it is good to know about the deals and sales of upcoming events like this beforehand. Some of the leading US stores with good deals include Walmart, east bay, Michael’s, kohls and Sears.

There are some challenges international consumers are faced with when trying to shop from these stores. They cannot ship these items from the US to their countries due to several issues. The best way is to use a parcel forwarding company to deliver your products to your country with the best services at cheap rates.

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