How to Save on International Shipping

How to Save on International Shipping

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Shopaholics all across the globe swear by online shopping because of the perks it has. Convenience, better prices, more variety, more control, and many others. However, shipping is one of the major problems associated with online shopping. Shipping can cost a lot, sometimes even more than the worth of your shopping haul. This can discourage buyers from purchasing some of their favorites online and miss the chance to avail some amazing discounted deals. The good news is that there are multiple ways to save on international shipping costs. You can smartly opt for these ways to make your online shopping and shipping experience not only cheaper, but also a lot smoother.

Here are some tips that will help you save on international shipping:

  • Utilize Storage Facilities

At Global Shopaholics, we offer up to 180 days of storage at its US-based warehouse. You can benefit from this facility by getting your products delivered to our warehouse and keeping them safely stored here while you continue shopping from different online stores. Once you are done with your shopping spree, you can get all your products delivered to you together, as one consignment. This way, you have to pay the shipping fee only once rather than separately for each delivery. This will make shipping a lot cheaper and more convenient for you.


  • Get your Products Consolidated

While you are smartly utilizing storage facilities, make another smart move. Get as many of your products consolidated in one box as possible. This way, you have to pay lesser shipping fee, based on the number of boxes in your shipment. Consolidation of your products also makes them safer against any possible damage during shipping. At Global Shopaholics, we also offer consolidation facilities at our US shipping address. We ensure safe and efficient integration of your valuable products to give you a more economical shipping experience.

  • Get your Products Repackaged

Repackaging is another beneficial option that you can choose in order to save on international shipping. More often than not, products come originally packaged in fancy boxes that tend to be bulky. You can get these products repackaged into smaller, more compact boxes. This way, you have to pay lesser shipping fee based on the size and weight of your consignment. We also offer this service and make sure that the safety of your precious products is not compromised on, assuring that the new package is equally secure as the original one.

  • Choose the Courier Service Wisely

If you don’t need your products urgently, choose the ‘standard’ shipping option rather than the ‘express’ one, which delivers faster but costs more. Shipping costs also depend upon the country you are shipping to. So, compare the charges of different courier services to your country to decide on the most economical option. Some shipping services have an additional cost for shipping certain items while others don’t. So, make sure to pick the one that does not charge extra on the products that you are getting shipped.

How to save on International shipping

  • Get Memberships

If you are a regular online buyer who frequently requires international shipping facilities, you may be able to highly benefit from this option. Almost all major courier services offer the option of getting a membership to their service. This is either free or costs a nominal amount. In return, you get to enjoy exclusive deals throughout the year, along with special seasonal discounts. Becoming a member of a courier service can have significant financial benefits. So, make sure to consider this economical option.



With all these smart tips on how to save on international shipping, you are ready to embark on your shopping spree. Don’t worry about having to pay a fortune for shipping at the end. Because Global Shopaholics is here to make your online shopping experience smoother than ever. With our swift and affordable worldwide parcel forwarding facilities. So, shop your heart out, and leave your shipping worries to us! Happy shopping and shipping!

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