Shipping from Saudi Arab: The Dos and Donts

Shipping from Saudi Arab: The Dos and Donts


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world. With the integration of technology and the global markets coming down to smartphones in the past decades, Saudi residents have been indulging more and more into e-shopping and shipping.

What do Saudis usually buy?

A generic overview exhibits that the Saudi people are most into wardrobe, cosmetics and cars/accessories. Wardrobe or clothes is the single most diverse category in the world with items ranging from children to adults, separated for genders, sizes, temperatures, trends, locations, purposes and much more.

Regulations on import:

Saudi Arabia has had its frowns and greenlights on import regulations. All in all, most of the items that can’t be shipped out of the US are banned in KSA.

In total, there are more than 30 categories of objects banned in Saudi Arabia for imports. Primarily containing jewelry including, gold, silver, platinum, pearls, stones and diamonds, etc. with a declared or commercial value of above US$5 are prohibited and will be confiscated by the customs authorities in Saudi Arabia, according to a regulations website. Another strict regulation is against pornographic material or any suggestive items whatsoever which include adult toys, any items which portray the female anatomy, other than those items which are to be used for medical research. Shipping from Saudi Arab An underlying prohibition in this category is Video Games which contain graphic material, which isn’t common knowledge.

Then of course, Alcohol and alcohol related items, other intoxicating items including Marijuana or any narcotics whatsoever. Chemicals are also a very common banned item for almost any country; hazardous or otherwise. To make up for any grey area, the category is covered by ‘Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA (International Air Transport Association). Shipping from Saudi Arab

Prescribed and non-prescribed drugs are also banned in the Kingdom. Any other harmful substances that could be utilized as counterfeit alternatives to medicines are banned. Medical/dental supplies & equipment are completely banned from entering into the country for personal use; hospitals and medical establishments are allowed to import these through proper documentation.

Shipping from Saudi Arab
Shipping from Saudi Arab

In the arms and ammunition department, there is no loophole at all. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not tolerate any forms of arms, ammunition, self-defense equipment, harmful products or even the depictions of ammunition; toy guns and other relics. This list goes as far as to include walk-through metal detectors for personal use. Shipping from Saudi Arab

Food items:  Food items are banned into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since there is no telling what the route of the delivery is going to be and if the food turns poisonous in that duration. Food items enlisted include grain samples, Herbal Products, Herbal Tea etc.

Since Saudi Arabia is an Islamic State, any items used for gambling or games of chance, which also includes any magic/ trickery items.

How to ship what’s legal: For all of the above categories, there is a silver lining; if you’re an e-commerce home shopper, you wouldn’t need any of these. You need clothes, cosmetics, accessories and car parts; they’re all open! Global Shopaholics is delivering you all of these, shipping from the US to Saudi Arabia, in a few clicks! Log on to our website and get your items in one box through our consolidation services. Shop and ship and enjoy the tech revolution!

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