Shop And Ship From The US To The UK

Shop And Ship From The US To The UK

Shop And Ship From The US To The UK

Many people living in the U.K. want to shop and ship from the most famous e-commerce stores in the world. But, unfortunately, most of these stores are located in the United States and do not ship to their countries. However, these shoppers understand the benefits of shopping online from the US. In addition to saving money, they can also enjoy a more comprehensive selection of goods for sale in American eCommerce shops. But they face many problems while shopping, just like shipping problems and many more.

This blog will go through the shopping interests of the UK people and what they usually want to buy from international stores. And we will also discuss the best possible solution to shipping from the USA to make shopping and shipping easy for people in the UK.

We’ve listed some of the top products that are popular with UK shoppers and see what UK shoppers love to buy from the USA and ship to their homes. Read more to know about how you can shop and ship your products to your country in the best way.

Top Products

Here is the top list of the products that are loved by the people of the United Kingdom.


US retailers have an immense selection of great toys and collectibles, and UK shoppers love to buy them for their little ones. There are a number of top online retailer shops from which you can shop and ship quickly, such as Amazon, Target, Zulily, Kmart, Overstock etc. These stores are generally the best for toys.

Beauty & Skin Care

US skincare products are among the most famous globally, and shoppers from the UK love to buy them because UK people know how to take care of the skin and take care of beauty. Here are the top brands for beauty and skincare products Bluemercury, Nordstrom, Sephora, Follain. These stores are the best for skin and beauty care.

Men’s Shirts

Shirts are an essential thing for men, and they love buying shirts from different international stores. Many men’s shirt stores are available in the US markets, and UK shoppers love to shop for them. Some of the best men’s online stores include Nike, Luisaviaroma, Amazon fashion and MR porter. These are the most famous brands for men.

Dietary Supplements

No doubt, US-based dietary supplements stores are renowned in the world. UK shoppers love to shop for their dietary supplements from the US store and import them to their country. Here are the best dietary supplements stores which are most famous in the US and globally, such as,, Naked Nutrition and Ideal Fit. 

Vehicles Parts

U.K. shoppers usually import different parts for their vehicles from the USA, from essential vehicle parts and accessories to custom parts. Some of the most famous vehicle parts stores include AutoZone, CarID, BuyAutoParts, PartsGeek, PepBoys. These are some of the renowned auto car parts retail stores which can easily shop and ship products to other countries.

How To Shop And Ship

As we discussed, the top trending products that UK shoppers love to shop and ship from the US stores, most of the stores cannot deliver directly to the United Kingdom. So don’t worry about this. In this blog, we will discuss the best possible way to ship your product to your doorstep.

The simplest and the most reasonable way to ship from the US stores to the United Kingdom is to use US mail forwarding services. I’m mentioning some companies’ names, such as Global Shopaholics, MyUS, PlanetExpress. You can choose any one of them as these companies are trustworthy.

The process of shipping packages with the package forwarding company is very easy. You have to sign up with them; They will provide you with a US shipping address. When you order something from online stores, then you have to deliver the package to the given us shipping address. Your package will be delivered to their address. 

They can also provide you with different types of services such as storage options, package consolidation services, different shipping methods etc. After delivery to their warehouse, you can store your package and wait for further packages or deliver them immediately. If you store them, then you can use a package consolidation service in which they combine your different packages into one box. It helps to reduce shipping costs.


This blog is the complete guide for UK shoppers who love to shop from US stores. In this blog, we have discussed the top products that Uk people most favorite, and they shipped from the US to the UK. We have discussed the main issue of shipping, how you can ship your package from the USA.

The best method is to use a package forwarding company for this. They will deliver a package from the USA to the UK. They also provide different types of services like package consolidation service, different shipment methods, or storage options that can help in the reduction of shipment costs.

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