Shop from Amazon and eBay with Global Shopaholics

Shop from Amazon and eBay with Global Shopaholics


Ever since online shopping has taken over, the lives of shopaholics have taken a favorable turn and gotten a lot easier. While almost all major stores offer the facility of online shopping now, a few names dominate the world of online shopping because of their exceptional services. Two of the most reputable online shopping services are eBay and Amazon that shopaholics have been blindly trusting for years now and they have never let any of their customers down. The vast variety of products that they have to offer from both well-renowned and local brands, along with some great deals that they have going on year-round, makes them shopaholics’ top choice. However, our buyers in Saudi Arabia are often unable to get some of their favorites shipped from Amazon or eBay to their country. But that certainly does not mean that they have to be deprived of all the amazing products that these two incredible online shopping services have to offer, because Global Shopaholics is here to save the day! At Global Shopaholics, we strive to make e-commerce an all-inclusive activity, for buyers all around the globe. We believe in the therapeutic power of shopping and want shopaholics to experience its magic worldwide. Which is why, our shopaholics in Saudi Arabia are just as important to us as our customers from anywhere else around the world. So, we are here to make online shopping and shipping from Amazon and eBay possible for them in the smoothest possible way.

Here is how you can ship your favorites from Amazon and eBay to your doorstep in Saudi Arabia with the help of Global Shopaholics:

Shop from Amazon and eBay with Global Shopaholics
Shop from Amazon and eBay with Global Shopaholics

1) Use our US Shipping Address

If Amazon and eBay are not delivering to your country, you can simply use the US shipping address, provided by us, at checkout and get your products delivered to our warehouse, where we receive them for you. We then forward your goods right to your doorstep in Saudi Arabia swiftly, securely, and affordably! So, shop your heart out because address restrictions are no more a problem!

2) Avail our Storage Facilities

We offer up to 180 days of storage at our warehouse. You can keep your products safely stored with us while you continue shopping from Amazon and eBay. Once you are done, you can get all your products shipped to Saudi Arabia as one consignment, which will save you on the shipping cost. So, make sure to play smart and pay shipping fee only once by getting your entire shopping haul delivered together!

3) Utilize our Packaging Services

We offer to consolidate all your products into one big box to reduce your shipping charges based on the number of boxes in your consignment. We also offer to repackage your products that originally come in bulky packaging, into more compact boxes to cut down your shipping cost based on the size and weight of your consignment. Trust us with packing your products to enjoy economical shipping!

4) Get Dangerous Goods Shipped

Some of the top favorites of shopaholics, like perfumes, cosmetics, and battery-operated gadgets, fall under the category of ‘dangerous goods’, that are prohibited from being shipped. But that does not mean there is no way to get them. We are certified to ship dangerous goods at very nominal additional charges, so bag all your favorites Shop from Amazon and eBay without worrying about shipping restrictions!

Shop from Amazon and eBay with Global Shopaholics
Shop from Amazon and eBay with Global Shopaholics

5) Choose your Courier Service

We let you pick the shipping service of your choice from some of the most acclaimed options that we offer. So, you have the liberty to choose the courier that charges the least to ship to Saudi Arabia and that does not have any restrictions that you are shipping. You can also decide whether your priority is fast shipping or economical shipping. Enjoy smooth shipping with your preferred service providers!

With all these convenient services being offered by Global Shopaholics, you can now shop for your favorites from Amazon and eBay while relaxing at your home in Saudi Arabia. Our swift and smooth worldwide parcel forwarding services are at your disposal to take care of the rest. Happy shopping and shipping to our shopaholics in Saudi Arabia!

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