The Essential Halloween Sales Guide.

The Essential Halloween Sales Guide.

Halloween’s almost here!

That means US online stores and department stores will be pulling out all the stops for sales and promotions this coming October.

Many US stores offer live discount series in advance at the end of September, and different stores kick off with tech products, shoes, decorations and costumes.

There’s just a little more wait for the Halloween sales event. You can save a 50% discount or more on many items for which you would have paid the total price at the beginning of the month in September, including all types of products.

Are you shopping online? We will discuss the top US stores from where you can easily buy Halloween sales and promotions.

Top Halloween Stores: Shop Sensibly To Save More


  • Amazon – Why Amazon? Because you won’t find a particular item that is NOT available on Amazon. From Halloween decors to classic scary gifts, this is the place that’d help you take your Halloween shopping to the next level. You can find a wide variety of Halloween costumes starting from an incredible price of only $0.99 only.


  • Etsy – If you are not interested in ready-made ornamental items and want something authentic and handmade, Etsy is the best place. Buy handcrafted door crowns, fall pumpkins, and other decorations you need for your yard this Halloween season. 


  • Michael’s – This store is the top in line, offering Halloween supplies this year. You will find here a fantastic discount of up to 40% on all Halloween decorations. You can find anything from carved pumpkins, skull statuettes and fake gravestones for you to gears and supplies to craft your own (a perfect option for this year). 


  • Target – The retailer’s annual ‘Hyde and eek! Boutique’ is that one place where you’d find everything you’d need from candies to Halloween costumes, decors and more at up to 30% discount. So shop here if you would like to avoid running from store to store to see your Halloween shopping list.


  • Pottery-Barn – The Halloween shop offers more traditional and cult decor items. Grab anything from Napkins, bowls, candles etc., ranging from just $3.99. Not only this, a few selected items are available for pre-orders also. So, make your way towards Pottery-Barn and get started today.

What Sells More During Halloween?

Here is a list of items that take the top spots for sales during the Halloween sales season. Follow this list immediately and add them to your shopping list (if you have not already). 

  • Decorations

How can you enjoy Halloween day without some spooky decorations? The second highest-selling category during Halloween, the decoration can be grabbed using exclusive Halloween decor discount coupons and deals. From scary costumes to a goth vampire, the decor options rests on a broad spectrum. 

You can check out Amazon and Target Boutique to find some eerie decor items at reasonable prices. 

  • Makeup Products

E-commerce companies concentrating on beauty and makeup products usually offer particular discounts for their customers during this spooky season. You can check out CVS, Walmart, to find some excellent deals on your purchases. 

  • Costumes

If you see the scariest Halloween costume for sale this year, certainly go shopping. AFTER the primary day since that is precisely the time when major retailers such as Walmart, Target, CVS etc., go entirely out with their Halloween costume deals, offering anywhere between 50%-90% concessions.

Set your costume shopping list ready and shop for 4 to a whole week after the holiday season to save the highest.

  • Halloween Themed Toys and Games

More than ever, now is the time to enjoy your favourite treats and enjoy some spine-chilling toys and games. You would also find unbelievable discounts on Halloween themes toys, games and competitions around the season. Starting from as low as $0.99, these are a must if you’re celebrating Halloween this year. 

How can you grab these offers for your Halloween day?

It is essential to know how you can celebrate your Halloween sales items with the best discounts and offers. And not just US residents but consumers from around the world want to shop from these stores. But they face many challenges while shipping them to other countries. These may include things like:

  • Most of the stores do not ship internationally
  • Stores do not accept international credit cards
  • They want a US address to deliver the products to
  • International shipping is more costly than regular shipping
  • It isn’t easy to order and ship products individually

To manage these problems, the best possible solution is to use a package forwarding company. They ship your products from the US stores to your country. Furthermore, they give you a free US address to send your products to the given address. 

Therefore, you can store your products in the warehouse or ship them immediately. Furthermore, if you want to shop multiple products from the US stores, you can send your products to the given address at the warehouse. They provide a package consolidation service in which they combine your multiple packages into one package. This service will help you in decreasing shipment costs.

Some of the top package forwarding companies, according to consumer ratings, include Global Shopaholics, MyUS and Planet Express. It will help to use one of them.


Halloween is not too far away now, and most of the US stores go live on their Halloween promotions well in advance. It is good to know about the deals and promotions of upcoming events like Halloween beforehand. 

Some of the leading US stores that will have good deals include Amazon, Etsy, Michael’s, Target and Pottery Barn. And the most selling products include costumes, decorations, Halloween-themed toys and games or makeup products.

There are a number of challenges international consumers are faced with when trying to shop from these stores. They cannot ship these deals from the US to their countries due to various issues. The best shipping solution is to use a package forwarding company to deliver your products to your country with the best services at low prices.


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