Upcoming Shopping Events in US 2021

Upcoming Shopping Events in US 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed how businesses operate. But notwithstanding how it has changed the retail business, some things are coming back to usual this year. So you can still expect the significant shopping events to take place this year.

We’ve placed together a shopping events calendar list that highlights the essential shopping events dates of the year, from regular sales to holiday sales.


August indicates the end of summer and announces the back-to-school season. It’s also one of the hottest months of the year. So expect to find deals for end-of-the-season items and school supplies.

Here are the major upcoming events in August month 

  • Back To School

For those who have completed their education and don’t have kids of their own, It is easy to forget that back-to-school shopping is something with a lot of money up for grabs.

Most of the consumers start back to school shopping before the three weeks of the start of school. Students will be looking for the most popular items and latest gadgets, and parents the best deals.

Some of the best US stores from which you can get the best deal includes Amazon, Target, or the academy store outdoors.

  • Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary offers a once-a-year sale where everything gets reduced and is on significant discounts. Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is the best chance to take advantage of the sale by getting a head start on fall fashion and basics. The deals are unique, and things get sold out pretty quickly.

This Nordstrom Anniversary sale ends on August 8 for everyone. which means you can get a sneak peek of the sale and start adding your desired items to your wishlist for faster checkout.


As we start to see down the barrel of Winter, you will find that September may be a great time to urge deals on summer staples, like things for outdoor entertaining.

Here are the top events in September In which you can enjoy the latest deals and promotions

  • Labour Day

The Labor Day sales 2021 are still a few months away, penciled in for early September, but you should get prepared in advance if you’re interested. So put, it’s the best chance to get any number of cheap appliances, end-of-summer items, tech products, and many unique products like these.


October might be a slow month from other months, but it’s not without its fair share of discounts. August is the start of the Halloween season, so you’re sure to see more treats rather than tricks when it involves deals for product categories like outdoor furniture, candy, and Halloween décor. Also, do not forget to stay an eye fixed out for early Black Friday sales!

Here are the highest significant events that can be happening this month

  • Halloween Day

Halloween Day will be observed on October 31. Halloween is usually celebrated amongst family, friends, and, sometimes, co-workers. 

However, Halloween isn’t as scary; you can buy shoes, accessories, outdoor gear, furniture, and appliances with all the generous discounts. Themed décor, costumes, and accessories.

  • Columbus Day

Columbus Day is going to be observed on October 11. Columbus Day isn’t met with the maximum amount of cultural fanfare because of the other days on this list, but it certainly has its justifiable share of sales. Columbus Day shoppers can enjoy amazing discounts on their desired products.

Deal seekers will enjoy finding low prices and fabulous sales on Columbus Day. Expect to determine sales and promos for essentials like mattresses, appliances, tech, and electronics. You can visit these stores such as Amazon, Walmart, or Nordstrom.


This month is one of the most beautiful times of the year, but it looks like it already is with all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales happening.

You’ll have the chance to urge great deals on electronics, home appliances, tools, and even school supplies. So prepare for a few of the most accessible deals this month has got to offer.

Here are the significant events which are coming in this month.

  • Black Friday

Black Friday is going to be observed on November 26. This event brings with it some crazy deals. Unfortunately, alongside the sales come the crowds. To remain safe during these uncertain times, you’ll also check for Black Friday deals online.

Here are the top online stores where you can visit and buy on the coming black Friday. Such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, sam club, or best buy.

  • Veterans Day

Veterans Day sales often fall before Black Friday in November, but they can sometimes happen simultaneously. Therefore, Veterans’ Day is also considered a massive day for online deals. You can find these deals online or in-store from US stores and companies. 

Here are the top online stores for best veterans days, such as JCPenney and Target.

  • Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is additionally one of the foremost famous events in November. But, does one know that some retailers offer more significant markdowns on Cyber Monday? So, if you missed the offers on Black Friday, you’ll still anticipate Cyber Monday, which is additionally referred to as the significant extensive online spending holiday.

Here are the top US stores where you can visit Cyber Monday and buy desired products, such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, or Nordstrom.

  • Singles’ Day

Singles’ Day was originally a Chinese shopping events holiday, and this has started to become one of the world’s most extensive shopping days. You can go online and check offers on online stores such as Amazon and other sites like these.

You may also be able to see deals and promotions from brands such as Best Buy, Steam, and Target.


The final month of the year begins with the best discounts and promotions. So if you think that you’ve dropped the sales of the previous months’ offers, you do not need to worry. Sales are still being unrolled in December, so get on the lookout for exclusive deals and Holiday promos.

Here are the most famous US events which will happen in the last month of the year from which you can grab your desired products on best deals and promotions.

  • Christmas

Christmas is the most famous and sacred event that happened at the end of the last month. Most of the well-known stores in the US live deals and promotions from the month back of Christmas. In this event, people sent gifts to their loved ones. So you can celebrate this holiday with amazing deals, promotions on tech items, fashion items, or household items.

The best stores you should visit on Christmas Eve are Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

  • Green Monday

Green Monday is one of the busiest holidays for a retailer shopping events day in the USA. On this day, You will find the best deals and promotions on top US stores. Here are the top US stores like eBay, Amazon, Target, in which you can easily find fantastic deals on green Monday.

  • New Year’s Eve

Be prepared for the next year, and celebrate the best deals on new year’s eve. Most of the stores live their values and promotion before the new year.

How You Can Grab These Amazing Deals

It is essential to know how you can shop and ship these deals and promotions to your country. International consumers try to experience these exclusive discounts from US online stores, but they face problems purchasing and exporting them to their country. These difficulties may include situations like:

  1. Some US stores don’t ship internationally.
  2. The retailer asks for a US address.
  3. They don’t accept international credit cards.
  4. They ask for a US address
  5. Shipping charges are so high

If the buyer faces these issues, the best solution is to use services from the package forwarding company. They can help you to solve these issues. I’m monitoring some package forwarding companies that will help you ship your items from the USA to your country.

  • MyUS provides premium membership offers to their customers. They also offer a tax-free US address, where you can store your package for 30 days. Also, they can assist you in purchasing your desired product from the US online store by using their Buying Assistance service. 


  • Global Shopaholics offers a free US address. And they offer warehouse storage for 180 days. They also have an Assisted Purchase service in which you tell them what you want to buy, and they will buy it for you. One of the best and essential services is the package consolidation service, in which you can save up to 80% on shipping costs. You can also check their Shipping calculator to calculate the amount of shipment.


  • Planet Express provides different types of services to offer the best service to their customers. They offer you 45 days of free storage and a tax-free US address. You can use Shop For Me service, and they will purchase your product by themselves. Calculate your shipping cost by using their postage calculator. 

Note: The companies mentioned above are according to the public rating and reviews. They only ship your products if it is not in the restricted list. They can send it to you if they have the legal documents to import such items for you.


It is essential to know what shopping events are coming to the country so you can experience your shopping events with the best deals and promotions. Therefore, we listed out the upcoming events and divided them according to the months. Then, we listed out all significant events that can help you find the best deals and promotions, and then you can grab them for your country.

The main problem which international consumers often face is the shipping problem. Therefore, we have discussed the best possible solution is to use a package forwarding company, and we have mentioned some best companies’ names such as Myus, Global shopaholics, Planet express. 

We have also discussed their best services which will help you to experience the best shipping service.




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