Why IKEA Is So Popular And How To Ship It

Why IKEA Is So Popular And How To Ship It

Why IKEA Is So Popular And How To Ship It

IKEA is a US-based furniture store that is known for its minimalistic and chic furniture pieces and cheap prices. It was founded by a Scandinavian named Ingvar Kamprad. IKEA stands for Ingvar Kamprad (the founder’s name), Elmtaryd (the farm where the founder grew up), and Agunnaryd (the founder’s hometown). But why IKEA is so popular and how to ship it to your country? We will discuss this in detail.

IKEA is not only a furniture store but there are many other products to decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces. IKEA is also very sustainable as they focus on sustainable wood, cotton, wool, and other raw material they use. IKEA sells couches, armchairs, and tables for about half of what competitors do. At IKEA, you can buy a couch for under $500. But at other stores that specialize in home furnishings, like Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel, couches typically cost at least $900, if not more. 

IKEA is popular worldwide for its affordable furniture. If you don’t have an IKEA store in your country, you can always shop and ship IKEA from the US through a package forwarding company. One such package forwarding company is Global Shopaholics; you can buy online from US with this company your favorite IKEA furniture. You must wonder that shipping furniture from another country must cost a fortune. Well, with IKEA it’s not true. IKEA packs everything flat and compact and saves storage and shipping costs.

IKEA became famous for its futuristic design, the do-it-yourself assembly, and chic finish. You can get hooked on the idea of compiling the pieces yourself and build your furniture and that’s how even the idea of IKEA is so captivating.

We have gathered for you reasons why IKEA is so popular, so let’s dive into this.

The furniture is cheap but looks good

IKEA sells furniture for half the price of what its competitors offer. IKEA makes its products in bulks and is amazingly affordable.

You get to build  your furniture

Yes, the most unique feature of IKEA is the do-it-yourself approach of assembling your furniture. As you assemble the furniture yourself, IKEA doesn’t have to spend on assembling the pieces, you get IKEA on amazing prices. Buy online from US your IKEA dream furniture and compile it anywhere you want. Package forwarding is meant to make your global shipping dreams come to life. Shop and ship IKEA’s many brilliant pieces with a package forwarding company based in the US for cheap shipping.

There are a lot of options to choose from

You can buy storage, bedding, tables, office furniture, cabinets and so much more in the furniture category alone. IKEA sells rugs, home textile, home electronics, home décor(indoor and outdoor), cookware, lighting, kids, mattresses, bathroom essentials and so much more.

Do-it-yourself assembly gets customers committed

It is therapy; it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you assemble your furniture. You do very easy assembly, you don’t have to break your sweat yet you can proudly say that you did make your furniture. If you work from home, IKEA tables are what you need; these are a must to check out. And you can shop and ship them very cost-effectively with package forwarding companies like Global Shopaholics, myus.com, shipito.com, Planet Express and others.

Future based design

The designs are very minimalistic, customizable, modern and chic. They can make a statement in a room alone. They will never wrong you if you are trying to build a modern space for the modern world. If you have shifted to a new place, you live alone, IKEA has some real great options for singletons and city people.


Usually, it’s up to you about how many drawers you want, in how many rows you want etc. The IKEA furniture comes with multiple designs and options for assembly. This means that you get to choose how you want your furniture to look. You also get to redo your room décor just by rearranging a piece of IKEA furniture.

IKEA is the future, shop and ship the modern definition of elegance. Don’t worry about the shipping complications. The flat packaging will make you want to ship boxes from USA in dozens. Buy online from US because you don’t need much to ship boxes from USA. All you need is selecting a package forwarding company that can ship boxes from USA for you.

These freight services take care of address and credit card restrictions and other problems of international shipping. IKEA is flawless, it’s affordable, it’s beautiful, it can be shipped easily. What’s stopping you from getting your own IKEA furniture.

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