eBay Shipping Guide For International Customers

eBay Shipping Guide For International Customers

eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces based in the US. But it’s not just US residents who want to shop from eBay, but plenty of international potential customers as well. However, they face many difficulties in shipping and shopping.

This blog will cover how you can purchase items when you are an international customer. We will discuss the most accessible process for you to import products. 

Buying from Abroad On eBay

Unfortunately, eBay does not reach every country globally, but you don’t have to worry about it. For most, buying from eBay and shipping internationally from a package forwarding company is the easiest method. 

When you visit the package forwarding company’s site, you will find all the shipping details, which are very easy and readable. Furthermore, they will guide you on how you can shop and ship from eBay to your country quickly.

How Package Forwarding Companies Works

So how can you shop eBay from abroad and ship them with package forwarding companies? Package companies work very simply. When you sign up with them, they provide you with a free US mail address.

With the help of a US address, you can shop from eBay and send your packages to the given address. They will receive your package and store it in the warehouse. You can keep your packages in the warehouse or ship them immediately, and they will send your parcel to your doorstep.

Not just this, they provide you with different services such as package consolidation service, shipping calculator, assisted purchase and more services like these. These services make your shipping more accessible and cheaper.

Some of the most popular package forwarding companies include Planet Express, Global Shopaholics, MyUS or Stackry.

How Should You Pay For It

Most US brands cannot accept international credit cards. As a result, it will be difficult for the consumers to pay bills directly to the store. For this, most package forwarding companies such as Global Shopaholics provide services like Assisted Purchase.

With Assisted Purchase, the company will purchase the item on your behalf. So you tell them what you want to shop for, they will shop for you and ship it to you, and you will pay the company directly. This is the simplest method for the payment.


eBay is one of the largest marketplaces in America. Most international consumers also want to shop from the store, but they face many problems. So shipping via a package forwarding company is the best option to ship your eBay products.

They provide you with services like a free US address, package consolidation service, shipping calculator, assisted purchase, and more. These services make your shipment easier and cheaper.

One of the main problems is how to pay them, so they also provide services like assisted purchase in which they will buy the item on your behalf and ship it to you, and you will pay the company.

This is the easiest way to shop and ship products from eBay if you’re not in the US

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