How To Buy From American Online Stores

How To Buy From American Online Stores

Have you ever decided to buy a product from American online stores that you couldn’t find in your country?

It’s always very frustrating to fall in love with a product online only to find out that it cannot be shipped to your country. You could be looking for the latest tech gadgets, make-up kits, American clothing or car parts from the US. Many stores in the US will not ship internationally or will only ship to a very limited number of countries. Also, some US sites don’t accept international credit cards.

You need a US address to shop online in America and have your packages ship there.

These issues make it difficult to purchase things from the USA. But don’t worry, we’re going to go over how you can shop from US stores and ship them abroad in today’s blog.

How To Order From A American Online Store And Ship To Your Country

You could ask a relative or friends who live in the USA to purchase goods and send them back to you. But not everyone is lucky to have the best friends or relatives to make the purchase and do this service for you.

That’s where package forwarding companies come in, also commonly known as parcel forwarders.

The solution is easy, you just have to know what to do. Many package forwarding companies in this field act as buying agents, or parcel forwarders in the US, for your orders on USA online stores that don’t deliver to your country.

It is a very simple process. A package forwarding company will provide you with a free US mail address to deliver your packages from US stores such as eBay, Amazon, Nike, Sephora, Target, Walmart, etc.

How To Ship A Package From USA

The first step is to sign up with them and create a FREE account to get your own FREE US mail address.

Then you can order your desired products online at any American online Store. And deliver these products to the given address. Your package will be delivered to the company’s warehouse.

When your package is delivered to their warehouse, they will notify you about the box with the photo.

They proceed to the forwarding of your items to your final address anywhere in the world. You can deliver them immediately or store your products in their warehouse.  

Remember when we informed you earlier that some websites don’t accept international credit cards? If that is the case, you won’t be able to place the order by yourself. However, package forwarding companies offer Assisted Purchase to solve this problem.

Assisted Purchase

To place an order by Assisted Purchase, all you have to do is to tell the company what you need. They will place the order and take care of everything for you. Then, all that’s left to do is rest and wait for your package to be delivered from the United States.

Parcel forwarding from the USA and Assisted Purchase are your most reliable companion in the United States to reship your packages to your doorstep.

So don’t wait and try it once. You will see how addictive it can be.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Package From The US?

You can estimate the shipping costs of the package from the USA to your country by using the company’s Shipping Calculator by yourself.

So you can know how much it will cost you to import a package from the USA to your country at the start of the process.

What Are The Best Package Forwarding Companies In The USA?

There are many package forwarding companies in the USA on the top list. But we listed out the companies from all of them who provide the best service, such as Global Shopaholics, Planet Express, MyUS, Stackry

This list is according to the reviews of the general public, so you can be sure that they provide you with the best shipping services.


This blog post is for the international shopper who wants to shop from the American online stores but cannot. It goes into detail on how you can shop from American online stores using a package forwarding company when no one else can do it for you. This way, you can easily shop for your desired product, and they will deliver it to your doorstep.

Package forwarding companies are usually known as parcel forwarders, and they act as a middleman between you and US stores to solve the shipment problem. They also provide different services such as package consolidation service, assisted purchase, and other shipment methods.

Enjoy your shopping with package forwarding companies!

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